What’s happening with firearms

by Editorial Staff | March 15, 2021
what's happening with firearms in 2020

Editor’s note: Please check back regularly as this page will be updated to reflect new developments.

Guns are again a hot topic as a result of the federal government banning additional “military grade” firearms.

Our editorial team is bringing you the latest information on this issue and the impact on firearm owners.

Here are our latest firearms-related news stories:

Long-gun magazine restrictions expected

Selling firearms requires validation

Amnesty on prohibited guns extended until October 2023

Firearms amnesty deadline approaching

Firearms buyback costs still uncertain

Lifetime background check implemented for firearm licence applicants

Canpar stops shipping firearms and ammo

Details to firearms program announced

Americans hunting for ammo in Canada

Beretta purchases Holland & Holland

RCMP union questions firearms buyback

Ammunition shortage in Canada

Firearms buyback program moves ahead

Feds to move ahead with anti-gun agenda

Top e-petitions deal with firearms rights

Remington sold

Remington files for bankruptcy protection

Henry H015 single-shot rifles, shotguns recalled

• COVID-19 adds to process for mailing guns

• Firearms licence production delayed and restarted

• OFAH calls for PAL extensions

• More gun ban confusion

• Ford against firearms ban

• Common shotguns unaffected by firearms ban, feds say

• Gun retailers hurt by COVID-19, new restrictions

• Canadian gun ownership continues to increase

• Federal government announces military-grade rifle ban

• Gun licence production halted

• COVID-19 causes surge in gun, ammo sales

• Firearms e-petition sets record

• E-2341 now most signed e-petition

• Firearms petition gaining steam

• Federal gun mandate revealed

OFAH offers resources

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) has a list of frequently asked firearms ban-related questions and answers here as well as a general firearms page here.

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  1. Gregory Russell wrote: This is one step closer too full confiscation of our firearms and in arming the Canadian people! I believe this is part of Trudeau’s great reset plan! Communism at its beginnings! I for one will not comply! Sorry! I thought a bill had to become a law before it could be enforced?? Please clarify this for me! Thankyou! Sincerely Gregory Russell! And I’m making a donation today! To help stop this illegal takeover!