Americans hunting for ammo in Canada

by Geoff Coleman | February 22, 2021
20 gauge shotgun shells in open under over action

Early winter found some Ontario firearms retailers fielding calls from Americans looking to buy ammunition.

Attributed to events within the industry (such as the Remington receivership), and a COVID-driven increase in hunting and shooting sports, the stores reported multiple calls or web inquiries daily from US gun owners.

Owen Porter at Elwood Epps Sporting Goods in Severn said those requests reached such a volume that they added a special notice on the store’s website indicating that they don’t ship to the US. Calls originated nationwide, but Arkansas and Texas are leading the way.

Calls received daily

Jeff Toombs at Accuracy Plus in Peterborough, who also gets daily calls and emails, attributes increased interest in the outdoors among Americans since the pandemic began, citing between six and seven million new shooting enthusiasts and hunters there.

None of the retailers contacted will sell to the US, even though it is permitted. They are more interested in keeping their regular, local customers supplied.

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