Minister Graydon Smith

Meeting Minister Graydon Smith

by Editorial Staff | June 6, 2023

Getting to know shark wrangler and former radio personality, Graydon Smith, Natural Resources
and Forestry Minister.

Dogwood Forest classroom

Forest school expands understanding of the outdoors

by Jason Bain | May 19, 2023

Brad and Michelle Graves credit their own rich outdoor experiences for motivating them to open a forest school where connecting with nature is fundamental.

firearm encased in a gun sock, leaning against a tree

Ask a CO: Are modified gun socks legal?

by Editorial Staff | May 10, 2023

A reader asks a CO if it is legal to modify gun socks to carry guns easier outside of legal shooting hours.

perch growth

Ask an expert: What is on this perch?

by Editorial Staff | May 9, 2023

A reader asks OFAH expert if a perch has a parasite growing on it and what to do when you catch a fish with injury or damage.

white sucker underwater

Ask a CO: Is it legal to spear white sucker?

by Editorial Staff | April 18, 2023

A reader asks if it is legal to spear white sucker in this instalment of Ask A CO, and if any other fish are included in that distinction.

CO of the Year 2023

CO of the year named

by Jason Bain | April 13, 2023

Clinton-based MNRF Conservation Officer Drew Pegrum has been named the 2023 Conservation Officer of the Year.

Tagged Trap

Ask a CO: Does a minnow trap need to be marked with the licence holder’s name?

by Editorial Staff | March 24, 2023

This reader asks if a minnow trap needs to be marked with the owner’s name, in this latest instalment of Ask A CO.

Shallow Crankbaits

Ask an expert: how do I get better at using crankbaits?

by Editorial Staff | March 21, 2023

Fishing and hunting guide, tournament angler, and outdoor writer Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson gives some tips for using crankbaits.

A Hunter loading his hunting rifle gun with magazine

Ask a CO: When hunting turkey with my shotgun, can I also take my rifle for coyotes?

by Editorial Staff | February 14, 2023

This reader asks if a rifle as well as a shotgun can be taken on a hunt for multiple species, specifically, coyote as well as turkey.