Canadian gun ownership continues to increase

by Jeff Helsdon | June 9, 2020
Canadian gun ownership increases

According to statistics from, the number of confirmed firearms owners in Canada has reached 2.2 million. This represents the 10th year in a row the number of Canadian firearms owners increased, TheGunBlog asserts. 

The RCMP pegged the number of firearms owners as of Dec. 31, 2019 at 2,216,509, according to TheGunBlog. This information was provided on March 23, but the RCMP wouldn’t confirm at press time, instead saying the Canadian Firearms Program is “focusing its resources and efforts to ensure continued service to its clients during the COVID-19 crisis.” 

If those numbers are accurate, however, this is an increase of 32,682 firearms owners (almost 1.5%) over the 2,183,827 previously reported by RCMP at the end of 2018, and an increase of nearly 200,000 since 2015. That statistic also could not be confirmed by the RCMP.

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