Ask a CO

A tension rod to aid in ice fishing

Ask a CO: Are DIY jaw jackers that use mouse traps and other things as a trigger legal?

by Editorial Staff | January 8, 2024

A reader asks a CO if DIY jaw jackers that use mouse traps and other mechanisms are legal.

firearm encased in a gun sock, leaning against a tree

Ask a CO: Are modified gun socks legal?

by Editorial Staff | May 10, 2023

A reader asks a CO if it is legal to modify gun socks to carry guns easier outside of legal shooting hours.

white sucker underwater

Ask a CO: Is it legal to spear white sucker?

by Editorial Staff | April 18, 2023

A reader asks if it is legal to spear white sucker in this instalment of Ask A CO, and if any other fish are included in that distinction.

CO of the Year 2023

CO of the year named

by Jason Bain | April 13, 2023

Clinton-based MNRF Conservation Officer Drew Pegrum has been named the 2023 Conservation Officer of the Year.

Tagged Trap

Ask a CO: Does a minnow trap need to be marked with the licence holder’s name?

by Editorial Staff | March 24, 2023

This reader asks if a minnow trap needs to be marked with the owner’s name, in this latest instalment of Ask A CO.

A Hunter loading his hunting rifle gun with magazine

Ask a CO: When hunting turkey with my shotgun, can I also take my rifle for coyotes?

by Editorial Staff | February 14, 2023

This reader asks if a rifle as well as a shotgun can be taken on a hunt for multiple species, specifically, coyote as well as turkey.

CF1 card

Ask a CO: Is the CF1 an acceptable substitute identification card for veterans to fish free in Ontario?

by Editorial Staff | January 27, 2023

This reader asks if the CF1 is a suitable form of veteran identification, allowing them to fish free in Ontario.

Whitetail Buck

Ask a CO: If a buck sheds its antlers in mid-to-late December, is it considered antlerless?

by Editorial Staff | January 3, 2023

This reader asks for clarification as to how antlered deer versus antlerless deer are classified in December.

Encased Crossbow

Ask a CO: do crossbows need to be encased, uncocked, and unloaded in the field before and after legal shooting times?

by Editorial Staff | December 15, 2022

This reader enlists the knowledge of Conservation Officers to question when crossbows need to be encased in the woods.