E-2341 now most signed E-petition

by Jeff Helsdon | February 3, 2020
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The E-petition on the government’s ban on “military-style assault rifles” is now the most-signed electronic petition in Canadian history.

E-Petition 2341 (Democratic Process) was launched on Dec. 17, 2019 by Alberta MP Glen Motz. It calls on the government to “put any new firearms laws, bans, buyback programs or changes to licensing before the House of Commons to be debated.”  

E-2341 passed 140,000 signatures in late January, making it the most-signed e-petition in Canadian history. It was launched after Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said the Liberals would resort to Orders in Council – a process where legislative changes are passed through Cabinet, but don’t go before the House of Commons – to pass gun legislation.

More work ahead

“I am grateful to the more than 137,000 Canadians who have signed the petition, and honoured to help bring their voices to Ottawa,” Motz said. “But there is still a lot more work ahead in bringing some common sense to tackling crime issues, as well as having the Liberals drop their misguided approach. More and more Canadians are joining the fight every day, and I encourage all law-abiding Canadians to sign the petition at www.E2341.ca.” 

The petition is open until Feb. 15.

“The petition is just one part of the many organizations, members of parliament, and individuals seeking to ensure that law-abiding Canadians are not targeted by governments for the actions of criminals and gangs. When this many Canadians speak loud and clear, it would be wise for the Liberals to heed their voice,” he added.

Motz encouraged by results

In an earlier interview with Ontario OUT of DOORS, Motz noted the former leading e-petition was about democratic reform. This is something the Liberals did not follow through on, and Motz surmised the petition might have been a part of that decision.

Motz was also encouraged by the results of a recent press conference of GTA mayors about firearms violence in the city. The conference didn’t reiterate the need for a handgun ban. Previously, Toronto Mayor John Tory had been outspoken on the need for a handgun ban.

“We have already seen some politicians like Mayor John Tory amend their direction based on intelligence and evidence from police,” Motz said. “I hope to continue to bring evidence to this conversation and leave the Liberals no room to mislead Canadians.”

Fairness and respect

Asked if the government would consider the petition, Mary-Liz Power, communications advisor for the Minister of Public Safety, answered, “Our government’s top priority is keeping Canadians safe. Too often, Canadians experience firsthand the devastating impact that gun violence has on our communities. We must take decisive action to strengthen gun control. That includes ending the proliferation of military-style assault rifles in Canada.”

The government already invested $327 million in tackling gang violence and gun smuggling in the last mandate, Power added. More will be invested in the coming months.

“Hunters, farmers, and law-abiding recreational gun owners will be treated with fairness and respect. We work together to keep our communities safe,” she said.

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  1. Samuel Coady wrote: Tired of figurehead rhetoric in this country. I get nauseated when I think about how we've entrusted our future to this cowardly, self serving, spinless government. ✌️
  2. Rick Robinson wrote: It’s time to make criminals accountable for their miss use of illegal guns, not law abiding citizens abiding by Canadian gun laws.
  3. Brad Hartley wrote: There is no need for law abiding citizens to be treated like this. We don’t have a gun safety issue in Canada. I would have thought the Liberals learned from the last they tried this.
  4. Chris Boudreau wrote: How do I sign there’s no link to do so
  5. Gail Lankshear wrote: Maybe the liberals should try going after the criminals/gangs & leave the hunters or the gun collector alone
  6. Gail Lankshear wrote: Our guns laws are stiff enough, go after the criminals
  7. Greg Hummel wrote: Education and crime control is the key deterrents. Criminals do not register guns. Stiffer penalties for illegal gun possession and crime is a necessity.
  8. Robert ROTA wrote: I Love shooting and hunting but we need our firearms not only for hunting but also for keeping our other rights too
  9. Jim Turnbull wrote: I fallow all the rules, and I want our government to stop looking at everyday people as potential threats and to start looking the real problem gangs, smuggling, and drugs. Gun laws that make my life harder or give me extra unnecessary steps in life don’t stop criminals from obtaining guns.
  10. George Boynton wrote: Please don’t take us law abiding gun owners guns away? What did we do to deserve it. Why don’t we ban cars so people don’t get killed by drunk drivers?
  11. Linda Empringham wrote: Stop penalizing law abiding gun owners. Use enforcement to find the guns being smuggled into the country for criminal use. Most law abiding gun owners have all their firearms safely locked up and secure, and follow all the gun laws in this country. Stop it !!!
  12. Patrick Blanchette wrote: Leave are guns alone... go after illegal gun criminals
  13. Justin madden wrote: Target gangs, not gun!
  14. Michael Pelaia wrote: Please do not pass this bill
  15. Herman Baguss wrote: I just took a look at the e-2341 website at https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2341 to check the number of signatories. Right now it's 148,386 signatures. If you click on the little down arrow to the right of the signature number you can see the number of signatures by province. While BC, Alberta and Ontario are definitely out in front, most of the other provinces are lagging far behind. Might be a good idea to send your friends in the other provinces the link for the petition... (BTW, Ontario is way out in front with over 48,000). While you're at it send it to some local friends who may not have signed it yet...
  16. David Livingstone wrote: I agree with this.
  17. Shawn Slack wrote: Stop gun censorship. Legal gun owners are not the problem. Criminals are. Gangs are. Smugglers are.
  18. Stewart Jordan wrote: ALL laws should be debated openly and thoroughly in parliament. Respect the democratic process is always a must.
  19. Ward Williams wrote: Don't convict law abiding legal gun owners for what criminals do with illegal guns.
  20. John Enzlin wrote: Spend the money on crime, not gun control !
  21. Dylan Stuckless wrote: Keep it all legal
  22. John Herd wrote: they need to deal with the problem
  23. Serge nadeau wrote: No government should be allowed to take law. Abiding citizens guns away
  24. Philip Loiselle wrote: We are going to need are guns if this dictator is voted in again.
  25. Logan daly wrote: I'm tired of everything they keep trying to ban more things.
  26. Garth Roland wrote: We as gun owners have done absolutely nothing wrong and no one has committed a crime ? Why are we in trouble ? Stop guns crossing the border and criminals first . When you catch all Trudeau’s gangs then the country will be peaceful leave us the hell alone .
  27. Matt Reling wrote: Go after the criminals! Were not the problem!
  28. Jen wrote: Please I am begging you to stop with trying to change the gun laws! My husband is a hunter and that is how we survive and feed our 3 boys!
  29. Jesse woolley wrote: I have been a legal gun owner for 7 years, never broken a law, why should i be penalized for others actions?
  30. Christopher Ruzsa wrote: Removal of these guns from honest gun owners will not make a change, because criminals are using illegal guns for crimes. Not honest gun owners who pay for the privilege of being able to own guns.
  31. Shawn Marton wrote: People kill people not guns
  32. Alex Braslins wrote: Stop the liberals
  33. Zachary drennan wrote: I feel so proud and fortunate to live in Canada, we are a country that has so much wilderness! To take away our firearms is to take away our ability to responsibly enjoy this place. Hunting is a sport that allows us to get away from our television and connect us to nature and healthy food. Hunting is an important part of animal population control, hunting is our right as Canadians, it’s in our blood and it’s an important part of our history.
  34. Joe Tremblett wrote: I’m not a hunter not a firearm owner. However I don’t respect the rights of those Canadians who do and feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the laws we currently have.
  35. Shawn viggers wrote: How is it a govt 4000 miles away from the Yukon can pass laws to take away guns when the crimes in question are 3900 miles away from them...in a different province and not related to local issues
  36. Andy Stone wrote: Keeping Canada safe, keeping law abiding Canadians armed.
  37. RogerPrince wrote: Spending hundreds of millions going after law abiding citizens is insane, especially when criminals operate with impunity and often repeat even while awaiting trial on gun related offenses. Get tougher on where the real problem is. Mandatory incarceration 20 years, no chance of parole including first time offenders would be a wake up call.
  38. Shawn Preston wrote: The government needs to pay attention to where the gun problem really is, the criminals.
  39. Jake McBride wrote: I’d like to see the feds address the real issue , which is gangs and criminals instead of the law abiding gun owner ..
  40. Brandon Smith wrote: Signed
  41. lynda guidos wrote: Keeping Canada safe, keeping law abiding Canadians armed.
  42. Gary Hayes wrote: Take the guns from the criminals.
  43. Ray O'Keefe wrote: Get tough on gun crime and get even tougher on gun smugglers.
  44. Zygmunt Joseph Horawski wrote: Provided there are adequate restrictions on magazine size and automatic weapons, I am against a ban on these fire arms. I am also against the idea of this being passed after being an Order in Council, but not passing through the House of Commons.
  45. Connor Cantwell wrote: Do not punish law abiding Canadians because of the actions of criminals with illegally obtained black market firearms.
  46. Jeff Verhoeven wrote: I vote no to ban on so called assault weapons
  47. victor young wrote: The ridiculous idea that criminals and street gangs will take notice of a law that has nothing whatsoever to do with them is beyond a 10 year old child's ability to reason. Hope and pray that this liberal government loses their grip on our nation and is turfed out for at least 50 years.
  48. Scott Campbell wrote: The Canadian government needs to work harder on taking illegal guns out of the hands of criminals and gangs and not the law abiding, responsible gun owners.
  49. Trisha-lynn Jinkerson wrote: I'm not ok with this what about hunters it's not just for killing a pray but for proctecting us from dangerous animals
  50. don watson wrote: Time to stop this free for all spending ,instead of spending billions of tax payer dollars on stupid crap and giving it to other countries maybe Give Canadians a break .If you put some back in our pockets, Canadians may not hate Trudeau and the Liberals so much
  51. Ralph Bradburn wrote: Remember to mention firearms collectors in your efforts as these collectors of history will be affected more than any others in our legitimate firearms community. No one is left behind.
  52. Steve Stewart wrote: Law abiding owners is just that. Pursue criminals and leave the legal gun owners alone. Remember this maneuver by the Liberals when you vote in the next election.
  53. Christena kurpe wrote: I think the you should worry about the gangs and the criminals Not the law-abiding citizens.
  54. Lawrence Brunetti wrote: Law abiding gun owners are now paying the price for gun crimes being committed on the street. Its inconceivable to believe that we will be safer if we all give our assault style sporting rifles. The Liberals will becoming after semi-auto sporting and hunting rifles next.
  55. Jimmy Dallaire wrote: Pourquoi mettre en colère les honnêtes propriétaires alors que les lois déjà en place ne sont tout simplement pas appliquées? (Why anger the honest owners when the laws already in place are simply not enforced?)
  56. Tom Kummer wrote: leave the same
  57. Robert Smith member# 148940 wrote: Our existing laws are fine. Let our legal abiding gun enthusiasts enjoy our sport! Address the gang related and other illegal gun activities with tougher penalties. Criminals don’t care about the law.
  58. Terry Chang-Kee wrote: Why do people fear guns? because we have been conditioned to think this way by ignorant law makers and the media. Guns don't kill, people use guns to kill just like they use any other weapon like a knife or a car or even their bare hands. So do we band CARS, KNIVES or or hands?... this is a dumb like of reasoning and the Liberals are propagating this crap. I guarantee you with my life that if GUNS were band altogether and all law abiding gun owners were stripped of their guns that there WILL still be gang gun violence and it will get worst not better as time goes by.
  59. Mitchell Campbell wrote: Tired of the government wasting our hard earned dollars on this.
  60. wendy emms wrote: I believe when the gun registration was in , and now it isn't is not right and was just a money grabber. I believe that not all would register but I think it should be still in effect. What a waste
  61. Joseph Pierunek wrote: More officers are needed to patrol the problem area which is gangs.Take the money you are wasting on buybacks and put it to work on the streets.The long gun registry failed please learn from that.
  62. Joseph Pierunek wrote: More officers are needed to patrol the problem area which is gangs.Take the money you are wasting on buybacks and put it to work on the streets.The long gun registry failed please learn from that.Thanks mr Trudeau