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Beretta ES 100 Pintail Horizontal FEAT

Beretta ES 100 Pintail

by Ken Doherty | July 12, 2022

This Beretta 12-gauge was the last firearm my father- in-law bought. While he “liked a good chunk of wood,” this was his only gun with a synthetic stock.

man crouched on a rock

Angling shots

by Linda K. Miller & Keith A. Cunningham | June 21, 2022

You’ve probably read about the challenges of shooting from high angles. Tree stand or hillside, angle can affect your shot placement.

Winchester Model 94 propped on a fencepost Featured

Appraising a Winchester Model 1894

by Ken Doherty | May 31, 2022

The following is an appraisal from Classic Gear columnist, appraiser, and consultant Ken Doherty. It has been edited for length.

Winchester Model 94 propped on a fencepost Featured

Winchester Model 94

by Ken Doherty | May 5, 2022

Despite the temptation of unique Winchesters, I’m going to focus on using this sweet handling little brush gun to hunt deer!

a rifle set up at a range

Setting up your rifle

by Linda K. Miller & Keith A. Cunningham | April 26, 2022

There are few things you need to take care of in the off-season to ensure sure your rifle is as ready as you are.

Appreciating the Browning Auto-5

by Ken Doherty | March 25, 2022

The first time I hunted cottontails with my father-in-law, he let me try out his son’s 20-gauge Auto-5.

gun pod featured

Praising gun pods

by Bruce Ranta | February 24, 2022

Gun pods are as indispensable to me as iPods once were to Apple aficionados. For a big game hunt, I don’t leave home without one.

Browning BAR Horizontal

Praising the Browning Auto Rifle (BAR)

by Ken Doherty | January 4, 2022

I appreciate its classic Browning “hump back” engraved receiver, French walnut stock, and quality craftsmanship.

Mauser 98 Featured

Mauser 98

by Ken Doherty | November 23, 2021

The Mauser 98 is the most produced military rifle ever made, and its action became the basis for most modern bolt-action rifles.