3 Tasty Stocks

Making tasty broth

by Andrew Rochon | January 4, 2023

Broth or stocks made from animal bones are the life-blood of the culinary world. Don’t toss the bones; make these easy broths instead.

Venison Irish Stew

Venison Irish stew

by Andrew Rochon | October 13, 2022

Nothing beats a warm bowl of stew after a long day of hunting or fishing in the fall. This recipe works with deer, moose or even bear.

Roasted Duck

Exploring the table qualities of waterfowl

by Bob Bailey | October 7, 2022

Folk have tried waterfowl in several different ways. The multi-step transition from marsh to the table will have an influence on the quality.

Different Kinds Of Knives

Key processing tools for wild game and fish

by Andrew Rochon | October 3, 2022

OOD Food Editor Andrew Rochon talks processing tools and how to use them when prepping your wild-game meat or fish.

Canned Tomato Soup Horizontal

DIY: Cooking with cans at camp

by Linda Gabris | September 13, 2022

Handy and thrifty ways to use empty tin cans in camp, including baking quick breads, creating firestarters, and reheating leftovers.

Strain Duck Fat

Rendering wild-game fat

by Andrew Rochon | August 30, 2022

A guide to rendering wild-game fat. Everything from duck and goose to bear and moose fat, learn how to strain the juices from your meat.

Broiled Arctic char with sesame hoisin glaze

Broiled Arctic char with sesame hoisin glaze

by Andrew Rochon | July 28, 2022

Here’s a tasty new Arctic char recipe to spice up your cooking that also pairs great with a side of zesty Asian coleslaw.

Duck fat garlic Parmesan fries

Duck fat garlic Parmesan fries

by Andrew Rochon | July 13, 2022

Duck fat’s delectable deep flavour gives a unique taste and crunch to fried goods, especially these twice-cooked French fries.

Nicoise Salmon Salad

Niçoise salad with coho salmon

by Andrew Rochon | June 13, 2022

This classic French salad is traditionally made with tuna, but fresh local coho salmon is a great substitute.