venison chilli

Venison chili and roasted corn

by Andrew Rochon | September 3, 2020

Nothing beats a good bowl of spicy, meat-filled chili before an evening sit in a tree stand. This recipe is a proven hunt-camp winner.

Wow burgers

by Andrew Rochon | July 29, 2020

Combine wild game and summer into three awesome meals with these delicious burger recipes.Combine wild game and summer into three awesome meals with these delicious burger recipes, featuring turkey, venison, and bear.

Pan-seared bass with lemon & herb butter sauce

Pan-seared bass with lemon & herb butter sauce

by Andrew Rochon | July 8, 2020

I prefer to use largemouth bass for this recipe but smallmouth fillets will work, too. Serve this over a bed of coconut rice or with a nice summer salad.

a glass mug of hearty crappie chowder

Crappie chowder

by Andrew Rochon | March 26, 2020

Rich, creamy soup, loaded with corn and flaky crappie meat, what more could you want? Sunfish will work if you have a hard time finding crappie.

fish cheeks arranged on a plate decorously with sauce and garnish

Walleye cheeks provençale

by Andrew Rochon | February 27, 2020

Some anglers have known about the secret cache of sweet, tender meats for a while, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s time to learn.

some breaded and friend walleye cheeks in a welcoming drizzle of buffalo sauce

Fried walleye wings with buffalo sauce

by Andrew Rochon | February 27, 2020

These tender walleye wings lightly fried and then slathered in spicy buffalo sauce is a tasty twist on an old classic — no dipping sauce necessary.

Pulled squirrel sandwiches

by Steve Galea | January 21, 2020

Squirrel hunting is one of my favourite small game hunting pastimes. It’s exciting and challenging. Here is my recipe for pulled squirrel sandwiches.

Pike croquettes served with homemade spicy dip

by Andrew Rochon | January 9, 2020

These crunchy pike bites are the ultimate party finger food. Not a fan of pike? Try them with walleye or perch.

Pike po’boy

by Andrew Rochon | December 31, 2019

Here’s a classic sub with a twist — beer-battered pike fried until crispy and golden brown. Serve with potato chips or make your own crispy French fries.