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Toronto Sportsmen's Show sign in the hunting hall


Toronto Sportsmen's Show returns

by Meghan Sutherland | February 28, 2020

The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show (TSS) is back for its 73rd year, and there's something in it for everyone this March Break, from March 18-22.

quaint cottages dot a wide waterbody


Québec Outfitters: fishing the wilds

by Editorial Staff | February 28, 2020

Québec Outfitters, navigating the province for the past 72 years, is equipped to provide the adventure you crave, coupled with the hospitality you deserve.

fish cheeks arranged on a plate decorously with sauce and garnish


Walleye cheeks provençale

by Andrew Rochon | February 27, 2020

Some anglers have known about the secret cache of sweet, tender meats for a while, but for those of you who haven't, it's time to learn.

some breaded and friend walleye cheeks in a welcoming drizzle of buffalo sauce


Fried walleye wings with buffalo sauce

by Andrew Rochon | February 27, 2020

These tender walleye wings lightly fried and then slathered in spicy buffalo sauce is a tasty twist on an old classic -- no dipping sauce necessary.

Big Game Management Advisory Committee

Big Game

Moose hunting changing

by Steve Galea | February 26, 2020

Long awaited changes to moose hunting regulations were announced by Natural Resources Minister John Yakabuski on Feb. 25, starting in 2020.


Ask an expert: how to dispatch fish

by Editorial Staff | February 26, 2020

An expert provides recommendations on the most humane way to kill a fish prior to consumption, without contaminating the meat of the fish.

sunrise splits through the trees in a winter scene


March 2020 solunar calendar

by Editorial Staff | February 25, 2020

The solunar calendar for March 2020 is now available! Get the dates and times when fish and wildlife will be most active this month.

a deer with immense antlers

Big Game

Explaining antlers: nature's beautiful, functional appendages

by Bruce Ranta | February 18, 2020

Antlers are grown — and shed — on an annual basis.