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Paddling for remote walleye

by Tim Allard | June 22, 2021

Like many angling-obsessed youths, I would fish whenever and however I could. Canoes and sit-in kayaks were some of the first ways I got off the bank.


Rickford named new MNRF minister

by Editorial Staff | June 18, 2021

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford is the new natural resources minister as part of a cabinet shuffle announced on Friday, June 18 by Premier Doug Ford.


Multi-species angling offers variety

by Brodie Kenna | June 18, 2021

While some anglers spend a good portion of the year waiting to target a specific species during a certain season, many anglers are constantly on the go, never relenting in their pursuit of fish, regardless of the species or time of year.


Licence-free fishing for Father’s Day

by Editorial Staff | June 16, 2021

The third of Ontario’s four annual licence-free fishing opportunities returns this Father’s Day weekend.

Fly Fishing

Choosing the right fly rod

by Ryan Sparks | June 16, 2021

When I tried to buy my first fly rod, the salesperson bombarded me with jargon about rod weight and length, line types, leader taper, tippet material, and casting techniques.


DIY: fishing lures

by Linda Gabris | June 15, 2021

Making lures is a rewarding hobby and a smart way to save money, especially if you have to rig the whole family with tackle.


Extolling the joys of topwater fishing

by Gord Ellis | June 14, 2021

The plug sat still on the water, with just a few ripples circling out from where it had landed. I popped the rod tip down, and the plug shot a spray of water forward, its cupped nose making a loud, distinctive gurgle.

Ask a CO

Ask a CO: Do I need a licence to fish a stocked pond?

by Editorial Staff | June 10, 2021

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

Big Game

Understanding game population cycles

by Bruce Ranta | June 8, 2021

Moose on my stomping grounds close to my Kenora home have been on a steep decline for many years and on a similar downhill slide in much of northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, as well as further afield, in places like Vermont and New Hampshire.