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boy learns to fish on Little Lake


Learn to Fish program expanding

by Editorial Staff | June 20, 2024

The province is expanding its Learn to Fish program by adding locations, offering more mobile sessions, and providing 2,700 new spots.

a girl catches bugs in a river


Respecting barometer bugs

by Larry Mellors | June 19, 2024

Conservationist Larry Mellors discusses how aquatic bugs are the bioindicators of the overall condition of freshwater ecosystems.

stuffed turkey breast on arugula


Stuffed wild turkey breast

by Andrew Rochon | June 18, 2024

This wildly tasty and simple roast turkey breast is a great protein to feature on holidays or for Sunday dinners.

man holds walleye on sunny day


Leeching for walleye

by Tim Allard | June 17, 2024

Tim Allard discusses the merits of leeching for walleye and the unique advantages offered by live vs artificial baits.

Free Fishing Fathers Day Bass FEAT


Father's Day weekend brings free fishing

by Meghan Sutherland | June 14, 2024

The province is offering licence-free fishing for Ontario residents on June 15 and June 16 2024 for Father's Day weekend.

AR-15 gun buyback


Gun buyback* costs ballooning

by Jeff Helsdon | June 13, 2024

The gun buyback* program has already cost $42 million, and not one gun has been bought back yet. The original cost estimate was $8.8 million.

big buck found by waterfowlers


World-class buck found by waterfowlers

by Scott McGuigan | June 12, 2024

This big buck is the 22nd largest nontypical on record in the province and was found by three late-season duck hunters.

Ray loves tillers 760


On loving tillers

by Ray Blades | June 11, 2024

My favourite type of fishing boat is the ubiquitous tiller — 14 feet of aluminum and 9.9 horses of unbridled power.

Armstrong POMAC photo award


Armstrong wins award for OOD

by Editorial Staff | June 7, 2024

OOD's Tom Armstrong was honoured by POMAC, taking second place in a photography category for "The Work Begins" from the Nov.-Dec. 2023 issue.