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a hunter is in the woods, hunting grouse


Hunting grouse in all the right places

by Steve Galea | November 25, 2021

As in any good grouse cover, pay particular attention to those little openings...find those and you’ll often bump a bird.

Mauser 98 Featured

Guns & Gear

Mauser 98

by Ken Doherty | November 23, 2021

The Mauser 98 is the most produced military rifle ever made, and its action became the basis for most modern bolt-action rifles.

Chaudière Lodge


Staycation tax credit welcome

by Jason Bain | November 22, 2021

Outdoors tourism operators welcome the province’s planned staycation tax credit announced in the 2021 Fall Economic Statement.


Venison meatballs

by Andrew Rochon | November 18, 2021

Here's an appetizer with a sweet, tangy sauce done in a crock-pot, or a yummy addition to your favourite spaghetti sauce when seared.


Closer to the outdoors

by Gord Ellis | November 17, 2021

When we look in the rearview mirror at this moment, it will be with the knowledge that despite the losses, it brought us closer together.


Ask a CO

Ask a CO: Explaining the tagging system

by Editorial Staff | November 16, 2021

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

wee wild hoglet standing in leaves


Why wild pigs should NOT be hunted in Ontario

by Dr. Keith Munro | November 15, 2021

Prohibiting the hunting of wild pigs may seem counterintuitive, but it's an important step in the effort to tackle this threat.


Big Game

What's the deal with short magnums?

by Bruce Ranta | November 5, 2021

Magnum cartridges are simply big cartridges with more powder. Bullets are often the same that are used with regular brass. Hunters like magnums for their extra knock-down, killing power.

mitchell's bay diver duck hunting fall


Hunting diver ducks on Mitchell's Bay

by Scott McGuigan | November 3, 2021

The lower Great Lakes region, Lake St. Clair’s Mitchell’s Bay, is the epicentre of diver ducks funnelling from across North America.