Female Mallard Duck Flying Low Over the Trees

New public waterfowling area created

by Jeff Helsdon | November 15, 2023

A new waterfowl hunting area has been created on the site of one of the most esteemed hunting clubs on Lake St. Clair.

a waterfowl'er sits, calling in his boat amongst the decoys, with his pup at the ready

Quinte ducking on Lake Ontario

by Bob McGary | December 12, 2022

The Bay of Quinte is located less than two hours east of Toronto on Lake Ontario.

Season's End Waterfowl

Experiencing late-season waterfowl

by Bob Bailey | December 2, 2022

For many hunters, the season’s end is a grand finale in which waterfowl can put on a display not seen at any other time.

Roasted Duck

Exploring the table qualities of waterfowl

by Bob Bailey | October 7, 2022

Folk have tried waterfowl in several different ways. The multi-step transition from marsh to the table will have an influence on the quality.

Duck Hunting In Bad Weather

Return safely from waterfowling

by Bob Bailey | September 26, 2022

Be safe on your next over-water experience and return home safely by following these danger prevention tips.

waterfowl on the water

Saving North America’s waterfowl

by Bob Bailey | August 24, 2022

We have much to be proud of across North America and beyond when it comes to waterfowl management and conservation.

duck calling - demonstration

Canadian waterfowl hunter numbers up

by Jeff Helsdon | December 16, 2021

Decreased waterfowl hunting permits sold across Canada in 2020 will likely be reversed after pandemic-related travel restrictions are lifted.

mitchell's bay diver duck hunting fall

Hunting diver ducks on Mitchell’s Bay

by Scott McGuigan | November 3, 2021

The lower Great Lakes region, Lake St. Clair’s Mitchell’s Bay, is the epicentre of diver ducks funnelling from across North America.

Great ways to grow a waterfowling partnership

by Bob Bailey | August 20, 2021

When the precipitous decline in numbers of waterfowl hunters became recognized almost three decades ago, conservation organizations stepped up to develop hunter recruitment programs.