Lifetime background check implemented for firearm licence applicants

by Jeff Helsdon | August 23, 2021
Series of semi-automatic shotguns leaning against a wall in a retail setting.

Firearms licence applicants are now subject to a lifetime background check (instead of five years) to ensure eligibility.

“The lifetime background check (implemented on July 7) will include criteria that must be considered in deciding whether to grant a firearms licence, including a history of harassment, whether the applicant was ever subject to a restraining order, and whether the applicant poses a risk of harm to any person,” said Magali Deussing, Public Safety Canada spokesperson.

Also, as of July 7, there will be a reinstatement of the requirement for owners of restricted or prohibited firearms to apply for Authorization to Transport to move the gun between the residence and a gunsmith, gun show, border point, and police or peace officer.

Previously, this was automatic. It is still automatic to take the gun to a gun range, however. Three more changes to be implemented through Bill C-71 include: requiring retailers to verify a licence, keep records of sales of non-restricted firearms, and the repealing of the government’s ability to override classification of firearms.

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  1. W. Leach wrote: Socialist-liberals do not care about Canadians,..they have exposed their real intentions of "going along" with the globalist agenda of world domination. Crime and prosecution of criminals for offences including "use of firearm during the commission of an offence" is NOT A CONCERN. Socialist-liberals are communist at heart and thus wish to disarm the population in order to help globalists implement a totalitarian New World Order. The GREAT RE-SET! This is about CONTROL AND POWER. It is as simple as that and everyone with a critical-thinking mind can see their lies exposed over and over but they continue to lie in the hopes that if repeated long and often enough as Hitler becomes the truth!
  2. Marilyn Hansen wrote: This is absolutely outrageous. Yet nothing is done: to stop criminals from owning or acquiring guns, to stop the gun violence by gangs, or to make life safer for Canadian citizens from gangs or gun violence by these groups. When will sanity ever return.
  3. CLAY STOWELL wrote: It's not only the liberals that want to take away all firearms. The NDP and Bloc also do not want private firearms ownership. This election only the Conservatives have a chance to defeat the Liberals and bring in common sense firearms legislation. Help get out the vote fellows gun owners.
  4. Frank F wrote: This is completely unfair and discriminating. The Liberals have taken this too far. They have taken away our rights, our freedom and liberty. This is a clear test on how far they can go. They are using lawful gun owners because we are an east target and they get support in the media. Blair failed in policing and is failing in politics. The liberals are wrecking our country by driving insurmountable debt on generations to come. We need Trudeau and his team out of government!
  5. Paul Taylor wrote: Absolutely the right thing to do, anyone who opposes this, has something to hide.
  6. Chico wrote: The idea of a lifetime background check might prevent some from being able to acquire a firearm; however, if a pardon was granted, there is no record left of the offense. How will this be mitigated?
  7. PAUL M. VALLIANT wrote: The only way the Bill will be stopped is by supporting PC's. Best thing to do is go out and assist your local PC candidate in winning their riding.
  8. Wendell Stevens wrote: I feel that a lifetime background check is a good idea as it will look at their past history. But l don’t see the sense of most of the gun licensing that does nothing too get the guns off the streets and out of the criminals hands. It would be nice if the government went after the real criminals.