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Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine is available in a digital edition on your desktop and iOS or Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Read the latest issues before they hit newsstands and experience great digital features like videos, live links, exclusive photos, and more.

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Check out the short video above for tips on navigating the digital edition on your desktop.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I add the digital edition to my print subscription?
Yes you can at no additional cost. Visit to go All Access (print and digital editions).

How do I access the digital edition?
You can access it from your desktop or from the app.

On your desktop, click on the link in the notification email you will receive for each new issue or go to and log in.

In the app, simply open the app and login with the same sign-in information you use on desktop, or if you are not a subscriber or member you can purchases single issues.

Where do I find the Ontario OUT of DOORS app?
You can find the app by searching Ontario OUT of DOORS in the App Store on your iOS devices and search Google Play on your Android devices.

The app is free to download.

Why do you need my email address?
We need it to set up your account and to send an email with a link to the digital version when each issue is published.

How is the digital edition different from the print edition?
The digital edition is an enhanced version of print. It has all the same articles but offers more, including:

  1. Read every issue before it hits newsstands and before it even mails to print subscribers
  2. Access to an archive of issues going back to Jan-Feb 2018
  3. Enhanced with videos, live links, and exclusive photos
  4. Access to digital-special interest publications, Deer: The Master Guide to Hunting Whitetails and Walleye: The Master Guide

Can I download my digital magazine for offline reading?
Yes you can, if you are using the app on your mobile device. Click the downward arrow button under the issue you want to download. You will see the download progress on the cover of the image.

When it’s completed, the cover will show OFFLINE in the top corner and the arrow button will become an X button. You can now read the issue without Wi-Fi or data. Press the X button to delete the downloaded issue. You can download it again anytime.

NOTE: If you download an issue to read offline, there will be no search feature.

What does it mean if my downloaded magazine says UPDATE in the corner instead of OFFLINE?
It simply means we have made a small update to that issue and you can download the issue again to see the most current version. It is optional, you can continue to read the version of the magazine you already downloaded.

How do I get back to the newsstand on desktop?
If you click “All Issues” on the top-right corner of your screen, it will take you back to the newsstand. If you are reading an issue, they open in their own window. When you are done reading an issue if you close that window, the window with the newsstand should still be open.

How do I set a new password?
When you are logged in on desktop you can click “Manage my account” in top right corner. You will then see a button to change my password under your username, click this and follow the steps.

From the app you will have to use the forgot password feature at the login window. Simply click “Forgot Password” and follow the steps.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Email:, or call 1-800-361-0645 during regular business hours.

We want to help you fully enjoy your digital edition. Happy reading!