Game meat tourtière

by Andrew Rochon | January 5, 2018

Nothing says winter around my house like tourtière. I use a blend of venison, pork, and veal but feel free to make your own mix with moose, elk, or any other flavourful game meat.

venison jerky

Make your own venison jerky

by Andrew Rochon | October 18, 2017

This tasty and healthy venison jerky makes a great snack whether you’re on a hunt or on the water. The recipe is best with a dehydrator but a low-heat setting in an oven will do the trick too.

Tasty brook trout burger - finished burger

Tasty brook trout burgers

by Andrew Rochon | July 21, 2017

These tasty burgers are a great way to cook some of your fresh speckles. If OOD Senior Editor and brook trout aficionado, Gord Ellis, asks, it’s salmon. 

Walleye and shrimp fondue

by Andrew Rochon | June 29, 2017

After a long day on the water, turn your hard-earned walleye into this creamy, cheesy fondue dip that will have everyone asking for more bread. It’s sure to be a hit!

perch tacos

How to make perch tacos

by Andrew Rochon | May 23, 2017

Summer means taco time! These crunchy perch tacos will be a hit at any outdoor gathering.

Herring crostini

Panfried lake herring crostinis

by Andrew Rochon | March 16, 2017

Lake herring (also called cisco) filets are pressed onto a thin slice of baguette and seared on both sides. These tasty appetizers go wonderfully with…

fish pie

Whitefish & root vegetable pies

by Andrew Rochon | February 23, 2017

These individual-sized pies are filled with tender whitefish and simmered root vegetables in a creamy filling that’s perfect for those long winter nights.

elk chili

Elk chili & cheese buns

by Susan Kane-Doyle | December 16, 2016

There is nothing simpler or better than a steaming bowl of chili.

Tips to smoke fish like a pro

by JP Bushey | November 18, 2016

If you’ve not tried smoked fish yet, consider this a sign that it’s time you did.