OOD top turkey recipes

by Emily Convery | May 11, 2016

If you’re looking for a yummy way to serve your bird OOD has you covered with these great Susan Kane-Doyle turkey recipes!

OOD top 3 trout recipes

by Emily Convery | April 25, 2016

We love trout! Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine has featured some great Susan Kane-Doyle trout recipes over the years, but these three came out on top…

Maple bacon-wrapped crappie

by Andrew Rochon | April 7, 2016

This simple, tasty dish can be made at home or as a shore lunch. One pan is all it takes. Watch Andrew make this dish in our new video!

Thai turkey sliders

by Susan Kane-Doyle | March 28, 2016

This dish tastes great and is a wonderful appetizer.

Thai red curry venison

by Susan Kane-Doyle | March 3, 2016

Thai food is one of my favourites and it works well with game meat. This simple recipe can handle many substitutions for things that you may have on hand…

Ginger Walleye

by Susan Kane-Doyle | February 16, 2016

I love fish that has been simmered…You can make this walleye dish up to two days ahead and refrigerate it.

Five butchering tools every game handler needs

by Andrew Rochon | January 12, 2016

From meat grinder to bone saw, your go-to essentials

Rustic grilled venison pizza

by Susan Kane-Doyle | December 28, 2015

Great way to share your harvest with the whole family

Make the most of your moose meat

by Susan Kane-Doyle | November 12, 2015

Parmesan recipe ideal if your meat is a little tough