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a big spring bear hunt bear in the verge
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How the spring bear hunt was lost and won

More than 21 years have passed since the cancellation of Ontario’s spring bear hunt. Here’s how the spring bear hunt was lost and won.

Fewer wildfires in Ontario
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Forest fire fighting budget increased

The province has increased base funding for emergency forest fire fighting by $30.2 million and is ensuring safety measures are in place to protect fire rangers during the pandemic.

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Province announces plans to thwart CWD

The province is ramping up efforts to thwart chronic wasting disease (CWD), a progressive, fatal brain disease that affects deer, elk, moose, and caribou, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Minister John Yakabuski announced on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Canadian Armed Forces free recreational fishing
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Free fishing for veterans and armed forces

The Government of Ontario is planning to amend provincial fishing regulations so veterans and active Canadian Armed Forces members can enjoy free…