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Trail cameras 101

Photography is an ever-evolving art form, and trail cameras are no exception. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider.

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2021 Hunter Survey results

The 2021 Hunter Survey drew hundreds of participants back in October, and the results are here. Keep your eyes open for our next campaign.

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Missing shotgun found

A shotgun that was lost on a hunting trip on Muskrat Lake in Cobden, northwest of Ottawa, has been found and returned to its owner.

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Shotgun lost on hunting trip

Police are searching for a shotgun reported missing on a hunting trip on Muskrat Lake in Cobden, northwest of Ottawa, on Saturday, Oct. 17.

How to hunt cormorants, featuring a roost filled with waterfowl, overlooking some water
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How to hunt cormorants

Ontario’s new cormorant hunt is welcome news to anglers, hunters, and recreational boaters, as well as shoreline property owners.

dip it good - feature
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DIY: dip it good

This do-it-yourself project gives you the hydrographics used by gun manufacturers (and many others) to achieve that awesome camo look. So dip it good.

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Six go-to essentials for any hunting trip

What you will need when you’re out in the woods

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Tips for hunting a late spring

What to expect in the turkey woods when winter’s barely left

Photo Friday winner July 3
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Photo Friday Winner – July 3

A little help never hurts the hunt