a Wolverine canoe on a wooden stand

DIY: building a canoe stand

by Jason Bain | June 9, 2022

My stepfather and I crafted this stately, do-it-yourself wooden canoe stand, finishing it in mostly in one afternoon.

wooden net with a fish

DIY: laminated wooden fishing net

by Jason Forde | January 28, 2022

No matter what species you like to catch, it’s best to keep it wet and in a net. Here’s how you can build your own.

a duct tape gaiter

DIY: duct tape tricks

by Tom Armstrong | October 27, 2021

Duct tape is a wonderful item with many uses that extend to hunters and anglers. A roll can be a big help if you keep it in your pack, truck, ATV, or snowmobile.

DIY: fishing lures

by Linda Gabris | June 15, 2021

Making lures is a rewarding hobby and a smart way to save money, especially if you have to rig the whole family with tackle.

DIY: build a rod tube

by Ryan Sparks | May 20, 2021

Tired of snapping off rod tips and guides? Here’s a $20 solution to keep your rods in mint condition for years to come.

Turkey cape

DIY: preserve your trophy tom

by Scott McGuigan | March 19, 2021

It’s not commonly seen in Ontario, but a turkey cape beautifully exhibits the bronze and black feathering that adorn a turkey’s back. It’s a pretty simple process and can be accomplished by any do-it-yourselfer in about an hour.

a snowcovered snowproofed blind

DIY: snowproofing your blind

by Tom Armstrong | November 18, 2020

DIY blind snowproofing – a quick pre-season project that prevents blind damage, and avoids the expense of a replacement blind.

DIY shooting box

DIY: predicting bullet performance

by Linda K. Miller & Keith A. Cunningham | October 11, 2019

Professionals use expensive gelatin blocks to demonstrate how bullets will perform on targets, ensuring that the round will have the energy, expansion, and penetration required for effective shots on game animals. But you can build a “poor man’s shooting box” to do the same tests using simple household materials for almost nothing.

DIY: decoy hacks

by Scott McGuigan | August 22, 2019

These tips will lengthen the life of your decoys, add realism, and give you more bang for your buck, contributor Scott McGuigan wrote in the 2018-2019 Hunting Annual.