wood stove

Testing the Grizzly wood stove

by Tamas Pal | May 30, 2023

A tiny, well-built wood stove perfect for RV users, van-lifers, or a cabin that’s a couple hundred square feet with modern insulation.

DIY Sled Tow Bar

DIY: Ice hacks

by JP Bushey | February 17, 2023

On the ice behind a snowmobile or ATV, some form of solid tow bar is a requirement. Follow these steps to make your own DIY sled tow bar.

DIY Ice Stove

DIY: Easy ice stove

by Linda Gabris | December 21, 2022

We had a cozy little wood fire to warm our hands, boil a pot of tea, and heat up a pot of beans at lunch time with this DIY stove.

a wee tacklebox with lure unsnagger parts

DIY: lure unsnagger

by Will Nalley | November 16, 2022

You just snagged your favourite lure during a great day of catching fish and can’t get it unhooked on your own. Now what?

a trail camera wrapped and locked with a padlock FEAT

DIY: Trail cam lockdown

by Justin Hoffman | November 3, 2022

OOD contributor Justin Hoffman walks through a simple project for peace of mind when hanging trail cams this season.

Dad's Scent-Killer Spray

DIY: Masking human scent, naturally

by Linda Gabris | October 26, 2022

To mask or eliminate human scent, hunters can buy a wide range of specialized masking products. Learn how to mask human scent naturally.

Canned Tomato Soup Horizontal

DIY: Cooking with cans at camp

by Linda Gabris | September 13, 2022

Handy and thrifty ways to use empty tin cans in camp, including baking quick breads, creating firestarters, and reheating leftovers.

Strain Duck Fat

Rendering wild-game fat

by Andrew Rochon | August 30, 2022

A guide to rendering wild-game fat. Everything from duck and goose to bear and moose fat, learn how to strain the juices from your meat.

a Wolverine canoe on a wooden stand

DIY: building a canoe stand

by Jason Bain | June 9, 2022

My stepfather and I crafted this stately, do-it-yourself wooden canoe stand, finishing it in mostly in one afternoon.