Trail cameras 101

by Editorial Staff | November 10, 2022
Bushnell buck on trail camera
Photo: Bushnell

Photography is an ever-evolving art, and trail cameras are no exception to that constancy.

The original trail cameras of the 1800s involving trip wires and flash bulbs have given way to remote, movement-activated stills sent to the palm of your hand, from the comfort of your home. The hunting-inclined can stalk from their home, send snaps to fellow hunting partners (“was that the buck we saw last year?”), share live-time video footage, and overall track the flow and movement of wild game.

Here are a few tips and tricks to consider, from placement to theft prevention, DIYs, and of course, information for our annual Trail Cam Contest.

OOD‘s annual Trail Cam Contest is now on! Click below for more info.

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