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Falling for walleye: How to catch our favourite sport fish

Autumn is one of the very best times of the year to catch walleye. The fish are plump from a summer of fattening up ,and, on most lakes, the angling traffic is all but gone.

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The seasons of hunting

Many people track the year by the vacations or holidays they take. As a hunter, I track each year by the passage of the seasons.

pheasant in flight
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Plan early for Pelee Island hunt

Hunters who would like to participate in the 2021 Pelee Island pheasant hunt must purchase licences by April 1. Licence sales began Jan. 4.

Pelee Pheasant
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Pelee pheasant hunt back on for 2021

The Pelee Island Pheasant Hunt will be going ahead in 2021. Interested hunters are asked to watch the page in coming months for more details.

venison chilli
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Venison chili and roasted corn

Nothing beats a good bowl of spicy, meat-filled chili before an evening sit in a tree stand. This recipe is a proven hunt-camp winner.

Bruce Ranta - Autumn shimmer
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Autumn shimmer – a great time for trout

Chasing lakers, pike and muskie in early fall

feeding smallmouths
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Spoon feeding smallmouths

For those willing to give it a go, spoon jigging for smallmouths can offer the possibility for more and bigger fish.