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Accessing untapped bass fishing backwaters

Luigi De Rose talks about bass fishing small waterbodies that provide access to virtually untapped bass fishing.

muskie tackle
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Muskie tackle must-haves

Tackle muskie with gear advice from OOD’s Ben Beattie who shares his favourites for landing the big one.

Muskie | Muskie Fishing Tips Ontario | Ontario OUT of Doors
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Muskie kickoff

Muskie season opener is around the corner and Ben Beattie shares the best places to fish for early Muskie.

pike with black spinnerbait
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6 Baits You Need In Black

Lures that will put more bass and pike in your livewell.

muskie baits - Ben Beattie holding a muskie in a fishing boat.
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The only 3 muskie baits you need

Muskie anglers are notorious for stockpiling tackle—more than what they need.

weed-ripping - man fishing in the weeds
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Weed-ripping tactics for pike

Pike attack for many reasons. Being ambush predators, they have a hit-first-ask-questions-later disposition. While this aggressiveness helps them survive, it also makes them vulnerable to techniques intended to trigger reaction strikes, like ripping baits around weeds.

opening day walleye
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Opening day walleye tool kit

Opening day walleye fishing is one of the most highly anticipated times on the calendar for many Ontario anglers. Here’s how to make the most of it.