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a wee tacklebox with lure unsnagger parts
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DIY: lure unsnagger

You just snagged your favourite lure during a great day of catching fish and can’t get it unhooked on your own. Now what?

an angler peers into the river
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Sight fishing 101

Highly visible fish are often wary; let’s look at sight fishing and how it differs between lakes and rivers.

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Add appeal to store-bought lures

If the bite has slowed to a crawl, a change may be in order. The quickest way to spice things up is by adding a hint of colour to your baits. Here are some of my favourite ways to customize.

lure pike - lures for muskie and pike
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Lure pike with more than red and white

Anglers should consider some of these colour patterns.

walleye hotspots - two guys fishing in a boat
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ICAST Best in Show Winners

A look at some of the top-of-the-line tackle and gear that will soon hit the market.

ice fishing lures
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Ice fishing lures: make a better bait

Modifying an ice fishing lure is about making it a better bait.

jig and pig
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DIY: jig and pig bass bait

The bass market is saturated with an endless supply of lures. One gem, amongst a cast of thousands, legitimately holds the title of best bass bait, the jig and pig.

panfish - a man holding a sunfish
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Drop moves for panfish

When it comes to piquing panfish interest, a bait’s motion must have an attractive action, but also be an easy target. Regardless of the style of lure, paying attention to its sinking speed will increase your catch.

Great Lake
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Spoons for Great Lakes salmon and trout

Over the years, spoons have continued to be the top lure for Great Lakes salmon and trout. But which type of spoon is best?