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Spring bear hunt pilot expanded
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Spring bear hunt is a go

The province has officially announced the expansion of the spring black bear hunting pilot.

attitude - goose decoy in a field
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Hunting geese with attitude

How to hunt high-pressure geese.

opportunity - a map of ontario conservation areas that can be hunted
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Hunting lands of opportunity

Thousands of acres of conservation authority lands are available to hunt. Find out where.

three Bs - Man sitting in a blind on the beach
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The three Bs of waterfowling

Boats, blinds and bullrushes — tips for a successful hunt.

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Getting Started in Goose Hunting

If you’re new to goose hunting, you’re going to need a few important things.

hunting honkers
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Proven Tactics for Field Hunting Honkers

There’s never been a better time to be a waterfowler. We reap the benefits of the robo duck and layout-blind revolutions, as well as a surge in duck numbers. But, most of all, we enjoy a huge increase in Canada geese.

goose breast
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Pan fried and roasted goose breast

My son got his first taste of goose hunting this fall. He absolutely fell in love with it. After a successful weekend, he asked for a simple recipe that he could use with goose breasts. Here it is.

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Photo Friday – November 8

Good dogs make for successful hunts.

tricking - man laying in a ground blind
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Tricking Wary Geese

Something was wrong. Flock after flock of geese ignored our decoys in the cut soy field for far too long. Yet, the birds were landing 200 yards away from our spread. They definitely wanted into the field. It was time to get out of the layout blinds and make changes. The first step was to […]