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leading a moose to water
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Lead a moose to water

Learn how to call, track, and locate moose using Ontario’s water-rich environments with a variety of water-based strategies.

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Orillia restricting boat launch and parking for non-residents

Orillia has once again implemented restrictions around water access and parking. As of June 4, the COVID-19 Waterfront Parking and Boat Launch Program requires visitors to pay as much as $100 per day to launch and park at the city’s public boat launches and waterfront parks.

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New cross-border boating reg takes effect

When the Canada-US border reopens, boaters and anglers travelling in US waters should be aware of a new rule.

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Taming trim-tab troubles

The trim tab on an outboard motor is located above the prop, on the bottom of the cavitation plate. When not set properly, it causes the boat to push or pull to one side.

bad things - gord with wrapped finger
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When bad things happen to good people

Like most people, I like to believe I’m careful and not clumsy.  In the bush and when hunting or fishing, I go out of my way to avoid trouble. Yet despite my best efforts, things still happen.

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Sneak peek at new fishing gear

An early look at what’s coming down the line

Boat battery charger
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Taking charge out on the water

A guide to battery charger basics for boaters

swimming moose - a moose swimming in a lake
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Boaters get hefty fine for harassing swimming moose

Was it worth $2,500 to swim with a cow moose?

bed - a winterized boat
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Putting the boat to bed

It’s time to put the boat away. If you want to keep it in good shape and ready to go again when the ice goes out, properly winterizing your rig is important.