Remington back in business

by Jeff Helsdon | March 30, 2021
remington logo 760

According to Utica, New York-based news station WKTV, Remington Arms secured a US federal firearms licence necessary to start manufacturing Remington products in January.

The widely touted report said the company aims to resume production in their old Ilion, New York facilities starting with the Model 870 shotgun. The report indicates 200 employees will return initially, but future plans suggest that the number could grow to 800 as production increases.

Remington Arms, founded in 1816, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US in 2020. Much of the firearm business was sold to Roundhill Group, while assets related to ammunition and accessories were sold to Vista Outdoor.

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  1. Ron Ready wrote: Great to hear the old 870 will be back in production soon !!! I’m sure most will be made in other forms rather than the normal working class shotguns we grew up with ( too bad ) There are plenty of short barreled pumps and semi autos on the market as is ! New people getting into shotgun sports are looking to buy a firearm that is in a reasonable price range and they can use for trap and skeet shooting I still shoot my 870 single shot Comp for trap and do not plan on getting another type!!! I shoot a wore out 3200 for doubles and wobble trap. Regards Ron