More to golf when it comes to being green

by Editorial Staff | April 1, 2021
Royal Ashburn golf course wetlands
Wetlands at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club.

Many of us are not fully aware of the environmental and health benefits associated with golf courses. Maintaining courses’ green space is not only beneficial to those who love golfing, but also helps improve the quality of the environment.

Contrary to public misconceptions about the use of pesticides on golf courses, the owners of Royal Ashburn are stewards of their land. Very few pesticides and fungicides are used to maintain ideal conditions at the Whitby-area course, near the Oak Ridges Moraine.

The natural resources in which golf courses are often situated can create both an enjoyable golfing experience, and diverse wildlife habitat. At Royal Ashburn, wetlands were created from low-lying areas on the surrounding property, providing additional habitat for local wildlife.

Improvement witnessed

Owners of the Whitby-area course researched the property and have experienced the benefits of maintaining this green space.

Just-married couple standing on a dock at Royal Ashburn
Courtesy Brooklin Photography

Lynde Creek, which runs directly through the course, provides an example. It has been proven that water entering the golf course property from adjacent farmland becomes cleaner and contains fewer pathogens after flowing through. The creek also provides habitat for many insects and reptiles, all of which can be seen and heard while enjoying a round of golf.

These wetlands also provide a home for beautiful flower gardens to grow, as well as a ideal backdrop for wedding photography. Royal Ashburn also grows a herb garden and taps some of its trees for fresh maple syrup used throughout the year.

Health benefits numerous

Golf benefits our own health and wellness, as well. It’s no secret that the game is gaining popularity because it can be played during the pandemic.

Royal Ashburn golf course wetland

Enjoying outdoor activity in wide open spaces is a healthy choice. Research shows it helps our brain release mood-stabilizing serotonin. It’s also been shown that spending time outside lowers your level of stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. And the health benefits of playing only increase when a player chooses to walk the course.

Walking an 18-hole golf course typically means travelling four to eight kilometres depending on the length of the course, and burning on average approximately 900 calories (even more, if you carry your clubs).

A sport for all ages

Golf is one of the few sports that you can enjoy your entire life. Royal Ashburn Golf Club golfers participate in junior programs starting at age four and maintain membership throughout the years — its oldest is 98 years young.

There has been exponential growth and interest in the game over the last year. Royal Ashburn has taken the opportunity to address the importance of health and wellness in newly developed golf programs featured through the AIM Golf Academy at Royal Ashburn. The AIM Golf Academy is built on a foundation of health and wellness, providing golfers a true holistic approach to coaching and instruction and allowing golfers to play the game longer.

Quality time

Royal Ashburn clubhouse

Golf is a social game that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy safely during these unprecedented times. With a typical round lasting an average of four hours, you get an opportunity to spend quality time with the company you are with — a much-needed change from today’s fast-paced environment.

This type of human interaction and camaraderie is good for both your physical and mental health. Golf courses truly combine the health and environmental benefits that are needed to grow and maintain healthy communities.

If you’re looking for a new hobby to take up, we recommend visiting your nearest golf course, booking your tee time, and taking in all that this magnificent sport has to offer.

Posted as a paid partnership between Ontario OUT of DOORS and The Royal Ashburn Golf Club.

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