DIY: duct tape tricks

by Tom Armstrong | October 27, 2021

Duct tape is a wonderful item with many uses that extend to hunters and anglers. A roll can be a big help if you keep it in your pack, truck, ATV, or snowmobile. Here are a few practical uses for the stuff.


DIY duct tape gaiters

If you are hunting or hiking in deep snow without gaiters to keep the snow out of your boots, put a few wraps of duct tape around the top of your boots. It will keep the snow from getting in, and making for an uncomfortable day.

Blind patch

DIY duct tape blind patch

Ground blinds take some abuse, and often end up with holes. Putting tape on either side of the blind can be a good quick fix. In the late season, it can be used to hold windows closed to limit cold drafts. Extra-wide tape is ideal, in camo or dark, matte colours.

Fire starter

DIY duct tape fire starter

Duct tape can make a good impromptu fire starter. Tear off a 6- or 8-inch strip; it starts easily and should burn long enough to get your other tinder burning.

Makeshift cord

DIY duct tape makeshift cord

While I’m not often without a length of paracord, duct tape can also fill this void. Take a length of duct tape, roll it tightly, and you have some makeshift cord. You can use it for a variety of needs: belts, gun slings, backpack straps, etc.

First aid

DIY duct tape bandage

Not the ideal first aid item, but in a pinch, it can be wrapped around cuts to apply pressure and stop bleeding (ideally wrapped over tissue or cloth).You can even use it to secure a splint to immobilize a broken limb, or rig up a temporary sling.

Leak stop

DIY duct tape leak

Duct tape can repair holes in water bottles, camelback bladders, and can even slow down leaks in your boots. It might not be perfect for boot repair, and may not last long, but it will help keep your feet dry until you make it back to the dock.

How to pack it

DIY duct tape water bottle

As handy as duct tape is, a large roll can be bulky. When shopping, look for flat, folded, packaged duct tape. It offers less tape but will be barely noticeable in your pack. If you carry a water bottle, you can wrap duct tape around it. You can add a lot of wraps before it starts getting bulky and it should still be nearly as sticky when you go to use it.

Originally published in the 2020 Ontario OUT of DOORS Hunting Annual

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  1. George stlouis wrote: Now if you want to use or bring a full roll of duck tape just take the carboard roll out from the inside and flatten the roll and voila you have lots of duck tape, work with all kind of tape on a roll that has cardboard in the inner center . A trick i learned long time ago and prefect for packing it no more bulk roll.
  2. Robert Edward Redpath wrote: I always carry duck tape to wrap around my moose tag or deer tag before dragging them out of the bush. I guess you don't have to do that now because you only need to carry the tag with you. TED
  3. Alex wrote: Thanks for interesting article.