Getting ready for the duck hunt

by Steve Galea | October 19, 2016

Right about now it’s like the night before Christmas around here. I leave for my annual week of duck hunting tomorrow


I’ll take the wild game

by Steve Galea | June 13, 2016

Steve Galea explains the benefits of eating wild game over meats bought in a grocery store.

booby lure

My problem with boobies

by Steve Galea | April 14, 2016

I’ve never fished the booby fly, but I have read a lot about them. They say these flies can be deadly…

camp cooking

A matter of taste

by Steve Galea | February 24, 2016

I guess it was just about a week ago that the subject of my camp cooking reared its ugly head once again.

White hare

Timing can work for and against your target

by Steve Galea | November 24, 2015

Lack of snow a benefit to hare hunter; not so much for the rabbit

Busy season

Busy season if you hunt and fish

by Steve Galea | September 29, 2015

I’ve got broadheads to sharpen, decoys to rig, flies to tie and a few more arrows to make


Getting to know a new bow

by Steve Galea | August 4, 2015

Making room for one more in a relationship

Haliburton fishing

What fishing is all about

by Steve Galea | June 9, 2015

Brotherhood forged over a lifetime

broken arrow

What to do with a broken arrow

by Steve Galea | April 14, 2015

Something even Robin Hood would be proud of