2024 fishing regs released

by Editorial Staff | December 21, 2023

The new 2024 Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary is now available as a downloadable PDF online. The new regs will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

Regulatory changes

Beginning January 1, 2024, changes to rules related to the transport of bait will include:

  • Allowing a person to transport bait through an adjacent BMZ, only if they use a direct route through the adjacent BMZ to reach a destination in a BMZ where they lawfully obtained bait (such as baitfish or leeches)
  • Allowing preserved baitfish and leeches to be transported into and out of a BMZ, as long as the bait is:
  • dead
  • Has been preserved (treated or prepared in a manner to prevent decay or decomposition) using a method of preservation other than refrigeration or freezing

These changes will allow commercial operators to:

  • Preserve their bait with salt and other preservative agents
  • Buy and sell bait that has been preserved with salt and other preservative agents

The regulations will provide additional flexibility for anglers and commercial bait operators while maintaining the ecological integrity the BMZ framework provides.

Changes to additional fishing opportunities in FMZs  8 and 10

Fisheries Management Zone 8

Lake trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

Limits: S-3 and C-1

  • Duck Lake (49°20’22” N., 82°21’34” W.) — O’Brien Township
  • Pearce 24 Lake (49°39’19” N., 82°18’22” W.) — Pearce Township

Fisheries Management Zone 10

Brook trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

Limits: S-5 and C-2

  • Brilliant Lake (46°40’35”N., 84°09’02”W.) — Jarvis Township
  • Broder Lake 23 (46°23’48”N., 80°57’26”W.) — Broder Township
  • Finn Lake (46°38’53”N., 84°16’10”W.) — Aweres Township
  • Franks Lake (46°53’59”N., 83°30’23”W.) — Reilly Township
  • Jackson Lake (46°35’39”N., 80°37’08”W.) — Street Township
  • Jarvis Lake 9 (46°40’28”N., 84°09’39”W.) — Jarvis Township
  • Jones Lake (46°54’24”N., 83°29’03”W.) — Reilly Township
  • Kaufman Lake (46°40’14”N., 84°10’37″W.) — Jarvis Township
  • Laurence Lake (46°54’43”N., 83°29’58”W.) — Reilly Township

New Lake of the Woods size restrictions for walleye and sauger, FMZ 5

Walleye and sauger combined

Season: January 1 to April 14 and third Saturday in May to December 31

Limits: S-4; none between 43-70 cm, not more 1 greater than 70 cm, and C-2; none greater than 43 cm

For more specific changes, visit here.

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  1. Ron Tyynela wrote: FMZ 10 now has a new limit for walleye: 'none greater than 43 cm'. I have never fished for a species that has a maximum length limit. Question: what should an ethical angler do if he catches a 45 cm walleye in FMZ 10 that he is unable to resuscitate? It's rare but it does happen. In the past, that would be my 'one over'. Unfortunately, I'm afraid most anglers will pierce the air bladder and sink the dead fish (which is also contrary to the regs).