Gun law challenge dismissed

by Editorial Staff | December 20, 2023

A federal court dismissed a legal challenge against the firearms regulations brought forward by the federal government in May 2020, which banned and will confiscate more than 1,500 styles of firearms.

The challenge brought forward by the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) and five other applicants argued, among other things, that the federal government lacked the authority to enact the order-in-council which banned the firearms.

The decision, announced on Oct. 30 by Madam Justice Catherine Kane, said the court only explored whether Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet went beyond their powers in passing the regulations.

In her 266-page ruling, Kane asserted that the government had the right to do so and said the regulations did not infringe upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Canadian Bill of Rights.

A CCFR statement following the ruling said, “In the coming days we will analyze the decision and determine whether or not an appeal is likely to succeed.”

At press time, a decision has not been made to appeal.

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  1. John Todd wrote: Appeal. Appeal. Appeal. Ask for donations. Keep it front and center. News paper ads etc showing others whats happening to us. Ask anglers for monetary support. If Liberal get away with this . Anglers are next. Some of this is driven by antis and they wont stop. Need evidence from everywhere that it dosent work to ban gunsIt is systemic racism to waste all this money and ignoring blacks shoiting blacks in cities because of gangs. Need programs to allow young people to avoid joining gangs. Sports fields arenas after school programs skate boarding sking basketball anything to keep the young people from being bored John
  2. Tracey Wilson wrote: The CCFR has filed an appeal
  3. Mark Sutherland wrote: Regarding the article” gun law challenge dismissed” the fact that the court decided Prime minister Trudeau and his cabinet had in there authority to create an order in council to ban over 1500 firearms., does it follow they have the authority to create an order in council to ban all firearms in Canada ?
  4. CLAY N STOWELL wrote: Not sure about poll......"do you use a drone to scout" This sounds like an activity that is in violation to the Hunting Laws in Ontario. Education is a must. Like the education of the general public in the restrictive laws governing the possession of firearms in Canada. This Government is hell-bent on taking all firearms from our hands. It's in the regulations that form the BIll C-21.
  5. John Sherbino wrote: Re Drone use. Dress it up any way you like —it’s not hunting—but it would work just fine with GPS-guided rounds. The call of the wild!! Happy New Year