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MNRF building, Peterborough
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Fines issued for failing to report

Hunters who do not comply with mandatory hunter reporting requirements will face a $25 surcharge even if they did not hunt or harvest.

Solunar Calendar
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January 2022 solunar calendar

The solunar calendar for January 2022 is now available! Get the dates and times when fish and wildlife will be most active this month.

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Understanding game population cycles

Moose on my stomping grounds close to my Kenora home have been on a steep decline for many years and on a similar downhill slide in much of northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, as well as further afield, in places like Vermont and New Hampshire.

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New hunting regs available

The Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 online document provides information about hunting licences, fees, up-to-date regulations, and seasons for each game species.

moose wolf video
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Epic moose-wolf battle captured on video

He was on his way back to his camp when he saw something streak into the water, so he moved the drone back in. It was a wolf going after the moose…watch the video!