New hunting regs available

by Editorial Staff | April 15, 2020
cover of 2020-21 hunting regulations

The 2020 Hunting Regulations Summary is now available online.

The annual hunting guide, which summarizes the rules and regulations for hunting in Ontario, was released on Tuesday, April 14.

Document downloadable

The document, which is not yet available in print, provides information about hunting licences and fees, as well as up-to-date regulations and seasons for each game species in the province.

The summary is currently available to download as a .PDF document. The web page version of the document will be available soon, officials said.

2020 draw deadlines

  • Moose: June 1
  • Elk: June 10
  • Antlerless deer: June 30
  • Controlled deer: August 31

Click here for the Hunting Regulations Summary

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  1. David Paiement wrote: Required reading
  2. Robert MacDonald wrote: When are the paper copies due to come out? Thanks eh
  3. William morgan. wrote: Can I bow hunt for deer during the controlled deer hunt on my land if I have a tag and I wear the required blaze orange? Or would I of had to of put in for the controlled deer hunt?
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: William, You need to put in for the controlled deer hunt to hunt during the controlled deer hunt, even if it is your own land. You must have acquired the necessary controlled deer hunt tag. You also must adhere to the specifics of that controlled hunt (such as if the hunt only allows for muzzleloaders and shotguns, you cannot bowhunt, for example). There are more specifics on this on page 42 and 44 of the Ontario Hunting Regulation Summary, found here:
  4. Laurel McCauley wrote: I wanted to find out when it is safe to walk my dog in the woods. Your tables are incomprehensible to a non - hunter. Please make concise dates available. Someone's life may depend on it.
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Good Morning, Laurel, These are the regulations for 2020, please find 2021's regulations, here: If you're referring to when hunts are open, that depends on your WMU (Wildlife Management Unit). Please look to the regulations to discern what WMU you're in. It is worth mentioning that hunting can only commence half hour before sun-up till a half-hour after sun-set, and that wearing blaze orange-coloured attire while in the forest is an optimal way to stay safe during hunt opens. This is the hue meant by "blaze orange:"