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Kid’s Art Contest results in

The winners of the 18th Annual Kid’s Art Contest held by the natural resources ministry were announced in late August.

a glass mug of hearty crappie chowder
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Crappie chowder

Rich, creamy soup, loaded with corn and flaky crappie meat, what more could you want? Sunfish will work if you have a hard time finding crappie.

panfish - a man holding a sunfish
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Drop moves for panfish

When it comes to piquing panfish interest, a bait’s motion must have an attractive action, but also be an easy target. Regardless of the style of lure, paying attention to its sinking speed will increase your catch.

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Sighting in on bluegills

Many of us got hooked on fishing because of sunfish, and the start of the open water season is the perfect time to rekindle your relationship with them. I particularly like spring bluegill fishing.