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Father's Day collage FEAT
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Some superheroes drive minivans

Dad taught me the secret to being a great parent by freely giving his time and unconditional love. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

rifle Ray
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Changes have come slowly

Major changes have come slowly in the hunting rifle industry. But the refinements, they have been amazing.

reel gear
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Praising old-school gear

Many anglers and hunters are still quite comfortable and happy using hand-me-down gear that’s been in the family for generations.

Fly Fishing At The Soo
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Fly fishing in The Soo

Fly fishing for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and resident rainbow trout on the St. Marys River with OOD Editor/Associate Publisher Ray Blades.

Brown Girl Outdoor World group of ladies with fly rods in a waterbody
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Demiesha Dennis on enriching outdoor narratives

Demiesha Dennis is more than a passionate angler, having founded a community dedicated to everyone enjoying the outdoors. And it’s thriving.

Man Fishing On Elk Lake
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So Fly fishes Elk Lake Wilderness Resort

There’s just something to a sunset, or a quiet night campfire, under a blanket of stars; the true northern Ontario experience at Elk Lake.

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Fly fishing Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

Esnagami Wilderness Lodge is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a comfortable lodge and world-class fishing.

Leaded Reel
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Handcrafted fly reels of Wayne Petrevan

I absolutely love handcrafted tackle, whether it’s bamboo fly rods, reels, hooks, leather fly wallets, or flies. But what draws me to craftsmanship is the ownership of what they do. These are makers that are producing parts of themselves…

So Fly

New fly-fishing books for 2017

In the digital age, the written word still matters. As a big fan of print, I was happy to see several new books on varying subjects hit the shelves in 2017. Here are a few new titles worth a read.