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Shallow Cranks for Largies
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Shallow cranks for largies: 7 tips for success

If you want to reel in those largemouth bass, knowing where to toss and how to use shallow running crankbaits could be your key to success.

Photo for bass quiz
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Quiz: That bass – How much are you all about it?

Do you know when the record smallmouth was caught in Ontario?

fish on the dock
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Fishing Haliburton’s private wonderland

The Forest has a well-earned reputation for accessible trout

summer - bass underwater
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Catch more bass this summer

When the weather heats up, use these techniques to get onto smallies and largemouth.

Lake Biwa
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Battling bass on Japan’s Lake Biwa

A bass editor’s quest for a record Japanese largemouth

new waters
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Tips for fishing new waters

Let’s face it. Fishing new water is fun. Whether it’s the lake around the corner you’ve been eyeballing for years, a fly-in adventure, or a new area on water you already fish, there’s always a sense of wonder about places you’ve never dropped a line in before.

tackling heavy slop - man fishing in weedy water
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Tackling heavy slop

Slop fishing is a productive approach for dealing with hide-and-go-seek largemouth bass. Here are the tactics needed to catch fish and allow you to add a new technique to your repertoire this bass season.