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Venison carpaccio with fried capers and citrus oil

These thin slices of lightly seared venison loin rolled in fresh herbs and drizzled with a delicious combination of cream and oil will delight the taste buds.


Cracker-crusted venison steak

This recipe has been prepared at our hunt camp since before I was born, and will be made for many more years to come.

cooking organ meat

Recipes that celebrate organ meats

Having been a chef for many years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different and interesting ingredients, and I am most intrigued by the organs of animals. One of my first experiences was using veal sweetbreads (thymus glands and pancreas). Soaked in buttermilk overnight, then coated lightly in flour and pan-fried in clarified butter, it was delicious!

Peppered bear meal

Pepper bear steak Cantonese

Bear meat is still an eyebrow raiser when non-hunting guests
are invited to dinner. This flavourful recipe tends to take away any gamey flavour. Cook bear meat to at least welldone and serve hot.


Barbecue mandarin mallard with carrot slaw

This sweet, tangy marinade helps cut the strong flavour of the mallard. If plucking the whole bird isn’t in your game plan, this recipe will work just as well with the breasts only. Carrot slaw and a refreshing lager complete this meal.


Pan-seared trout with garden-tomato bruschetta

This bright and healthy dish is best served on a patio with a pint glass of shandy. If you grow tomatoes and basil, making a big batch of bruschetta is a great way to use the bounty your garden is producing. Or, just pick up some bruschetta at the grocery store.

pulled turkey sandwiches

Pulled wild turkey sandwich

Pulled turkey is a tasty way to use those tough wild turkey legs, as the texture of the finished dish is similar to pulled pork.

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Side dishes for wild game and fish

Take your fish and game meals to the next level with these five go-to side dish recipes.

bear ribs

Jerk bear ribs

These grilled bear ribs are seasoned with a delicious blend of Caribbean spices and finished with a nice sticky BBQ sauce…