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180GR Gel Shot
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Shooting out bullet facts

It’s common for hunters to think that a bigger bullet is better. In the old days, it was mostly true. We dug deeper and did some testing.

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Long-gun magazine restrictions expected

The federal government says it will bring forward further restrictions on long-gun magazines that could impact many hunting firearms.

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Angling shots

You’ve probably read about the challenges of shooting from high angles. Tree stand or hillside, angle can affect your shot placement.

DIY shooting box
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DIY: predicting bullet performance

Professionals use expensive gelatin blocks to demonstrate how bullets will perform on targets, ensuring that the round will have the energy, expansion, and penetration required for effective shots on game animals. But you can build a “poor man’s shooting box” to do the same tests using simple household materials for almost nothing.

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Comparing hunting loads

Do you know how your favourite hunting bullet behaves when it hits its target? We do. We tested their terminal performance.