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Seven reasons to hire a guide

Whether you’re just learning how to fish or already have your local water dialled in, there are many ways to benefit from hiring a guide.

Scott McGuigan holding Lake St. Clair walleye
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Lake St. Clair: a fishery on fire

Change a few lyrics around and Alicia Keys’ anthem hit, “Girl on Fire” could easily be an ode to the great fishing happening on Lake St. Clair.

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Angling shots

You’ve probably read about the challenges of shooting from high angles. Tree stand or hillside, angle can affect your shot placement.

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Keeping reels clean

Proper care and maintenance are still required to achieve smooth operation of your reel; follow these steps and you’ll get years of use.

a duct tape gaiter
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DIY: duct tape tricks

Duct tape is a wonderful item with many uses that extend to hunters and anglers. A roll can be a big help if you keep it in your pack, truck, ATV, or snowmobile.

a man walks through a sun-speckled creek in waders, rod-in-hand
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Wetlands added to Greenbelt

The province plans to add 46.5 hectares (115 acres) of wetlands connected to Bowmanville, Soper, and Wilmot creeks to the Greenbelt.

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Different fishing styles have time and place

We all know anglers who fish the same waters religiously and consistently catch big fish.

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Multi-species angling offers variety

While some anglers spend a good portion of the year waiting to target a specific species during a certain season, many anglers are constantly on the go, never relenting in their pursuit of fish, regardless of the species or time of year.

better understanding size limits
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Better understanding size limits

Why are there size limits on fish? We give you a better understanding of which fish you can keep and which need to be released.