No delays with Outdoors Cards: MNRF

by Editorial Staff | October 6, 2020
outdoors card

The pandemic has not caused any delays to the production and distribution of Outdoors Cards, a Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) spokesperson confirmed.

“We have committed to clients that they will receive their card, once purchased, in approximately 20 days, and we are hitting that target most of the time,” MNRF communication specialist Jolanta Kowalski stated via email.

Clients can use their Licence Summary (it will show they have a valid Outdoors Card) until they receive their plastic card in the mail, she added.

Renewals begin in December

The Outdoors Card renewal period starts on the first Tuesday in December every year. This year, it begins Dec. 1.

Outdoors Cards are available online at the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service, by automated telephone (1-800-288-1155), or at a participating Service Ontario or fish and wild licence issuer locations.

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  1. Ron wrote: I read with great questions about the wonderful ideas that are proposed to the boating regulations and of course the increase in fees. I am put in mind of the implementations of the fishing license program. " the fishing license will be only $6.00 and never be more than $6.00.All monies collected will be used for fish habitat improvements. It looks like another cash grab yet again