New MNRF licensing system still drawing complaints

by Steve Galea | September 5, 2019
MNRF licensing issues

An online OOD story detailing issues with the new Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) licensing system continues to receive comments from big-game hunters who are having problems with draw results and unprintable tags.

Since the story, “Problems with new MNRF online licences reported”  was published on March 26, OOD has received more than 40 online comments, plus emails and phone calls from affected hunters, including those impacted by the Big Game Draw results. Common complaints include being told they did not enter a big-game draw when they believe otherwise, and printing issues with tags.

When OOD asked the MNRF about these complaints, MNRF Assistant Media Relations Officer Maimoona Dinani replied via email, “A small number of hunters have expressed concerns to the ministry; however, the ministry has confirmed that there has been no error with the licensing service or draw results and approximately 79,780 moose and 112,735 deer hunters successfully completed their draw.”

Draw issues

In response to the complaints from hunters not being entered in draws they thought they had applied for, she said, “With the introduction of the new licensing service, hunters may not have been familiar with the layout of the draw entry screens and in some circumstances did not complete all the necessary steps required to enter the draw.”

Dinani further explained, “When a hunter is entering a draw online and they have completed the Draw Entry information (i.e. hunt code, Wildlife Management Unit, animal type), hunters must click the ‘Add to Cart’ button before selecting to checkout. If a hunter has successfully entered the draw, the shopping cart will display their Moose Draw Entry, at this time hunters are reminded to ensure the correct information is displayed. Once the licensing products are purchased, the sales receipt will display the Moose Draw Entry information as well.”

She also said that during this transition year, the MNRF is providing additional support and resources, available through the “Helpful Links” tab on the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service website. Those unsure of the process can click here.

Dinani added that to support hunters applying to the moose draw in 2019, the ministry communicated step-by-step instructions with accompanying screenshots of the licensing service. The MNRF also created three tip sheets.

Print tags

“The ministry recognizes that hunters had the best intention to enter the 2019 moose draw and since it is a transition year, any hunter who purchased a moose licence before May 31, 2019 will be granted Pool 1 status for 2020. Any hunter who purchased a moose licence after the draw deadline of May 31, 2019 (Moose draw entry was April 17 to May 31, 2019) will not be granted Pool 1 status,” she said.

Regarding the issue of printing tags, Dinani said, “The ministry has had some clients who have attempted to print their tags and were unable to print for a variety of reasons (e.g.: printer not connected, prematurely closed the PDF print window). At that point, the ‘My Active Licences’ page will show that the tag is already printed.”

To resolve MNRF licensing issues, call the Natural Resources Information and Support Centre at 1-800-387-7011 or 1-800-667-1940, or visit one of the participating ServiceOntario locations or licence issuers that offer MNRF services.

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  1. bode campbell wrote: How do you print deer license and tag?
    • Jason Bain wrote: Detailed instructions are provided by the MNRF at the following link, which you can copy and paste into your browser:
  2. Mark Blackburn wrote: When you do get your tag printed fold it and protect it by using your vacuum bag sealer,I cut a bag down to size,inserted my tag and sealed, easy to see notch and it’s weather proof
  3. George Townsend wrote: How does one mark the date by cutting out the date & still keep the Game Seal legible? especially in pouring Rain & you have to drag the deer a mile to your truck.
  4. Chris Sedore wrote: Has anybody had any issues with the controlled hunt draw? I had entered my son my father and myself on the same days my father has received his controlled hunt tag for 2019, unfortunately my sons and my own accounts show that we were not entered. I did not take a screen shot (my fault) when I applied on line. I can understand if this was a mistake and I didn’t receive any tags. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. alex sharpe wrote: i find it hard to comprehend with the millions of dollars generated by hunting/fishing monies, that we have been reduced to this inept tagging method
  6. keven fischer wrote: How can my buddy that uses my place,He receive a Bull Moose tag 4 years ago.,And just receive on this year. And the 11 of us haven't seen tags for 8 years , I can provide his Name address and phone , Check it your self. Send me a BULL MOOSE TAG, Or refund the 11 of us our Hunting fee ???^ $65. each Not sure how much more MNR can screw this system
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Keven, There's a more recent moose-hunting story here: Within, you'll find a link highlighting opportunities to increase your odds of drawing a tag, as well as contact numbers for the MNRF should you wish to voice your concerns to them. Thank you.
  7. J Mark Seaman wrote: Well as usual I leave things to last minute went into MNR site to print my tags, printer working fine computer working fine, Hit print all and screen went blank. Nothing. Then back up it comes saying tags printed except No Tags! Now What
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: J, we appreciate your frustration, here is the MNRF's contact information for solving this issue:
  8. Gary Earl wrote: I have concerns in regards to anterless tag alocations.Of the hunters I know who received a doe tag last year the same ones got one for this year also.The ones that did not get one for 2020 also did not receive oneb this year. Statistically this should not be the case.There should be some differences. I would suggest that those who received one this year should go into a pool b,while those that did not go into pool a next year. I own 105 acreas of PSW land.Why am I not allowed to shoot a doe and use my deer tag even if I do not have a doe tag. Another concern is the crossbows.When an archery season was first introduced,it was more compound bows being used.Now these croeebows are taking over as the preffered bow.These bows are now capable of shooting in excess of 400 feet/second,with scopes etc. The same could also be said about black powder advancements.IN this case why can"tse a 20 gauge shotgun with a scope? In my viewponit,crossbows should have a shorten season and not 3 months.Perhaps 4 weeks.Compound bow hunters should have a definate season.Say the first half of October or even the month of. Crossbows and black powder due to the advancements should have a much shorter season,especially crossbows.