Problems with new MNRF online licences reported

by Lezlie Goodwin | March 26, 2019
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The promise of a convenient new online licensing system by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Foresty (MNRF) is not panning out for some Ontario hunters. Several people have reported experiencing issues trying to print their tags at home.

Mike Miller, host of Angler and Hunter Television, purchased two turkey licences and a bear licence using the online system on March 25. He was able to print his receipt and the new licence summary document, but the tags hung up in the print queue, leaving him watching what he described as, “the spinning wheel of doom.”

The new system only entitles the purchaser to print a tag once, while licence summaries and receipts can be printed as often as desired. All of the documents must be printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

Miller is not the only hunter who has had printing issues. A friend of Miller’s was also unable to print his tags, and other hunters have posted comments on a thread on the OOD forum. ln at least two instances, the system registered the tag as already printed even though they were not.

All three men were able to have their tags issued at a ServiceOntario centre at no cost, but Miller advises hunters to check before they head out, as he was turned away at the Port Hope office. He was served at the Peterborough centre, where he signed a declaration and received the printed tags.

Time to resolve issues before openers

With spring turkey and bear seasons still weeks away, hunters might want to wait until the bugs can be worked out of the new system before purchasing a licence online, which requires the buyer to print a tag.

Licences can also be purchased at licence issuers and participating ServiceOntario centres.

In an email, Justine Lewkowicz, director of communications for John Yakabuski, minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said, “We welcome any feedback from hunters on their experience to help us improve the rollout of the new service.”

The Natural Resources Information and Support Centre can be contacted by by email at or by phone at 1-800-387-7011 (TTY: 1-866-686-6072) Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET).

This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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  1. John Lockwood wrote: Nice to know it even happened to Mike Miller, I don't feel so dumb now....I did as directed, check the printer, etc. It printed my receipt and transaction docs and I saw the tags on screen for an instant and then they disappeared and like Mike, said they had printed and I was done. Also went to our local Service Ontario to have printed and the rep did what she could, and after 15 minutes on the help line, she was able to print the tags for my son and I. I'll be going to a retailer if i need more tags....Should know better than to trust any government online system to be error free...
  2. Randy Dowse wrote: A typical government diabolical , easy , not so easy, going to do mine, the normal way!
  3. Dale Hodgins wrote: System is just a ploy to ticket unsuspecting hunters.
  4. Glenn F wrote: I had no issues printing my turkey licences. Before you broadcast a MNRF setback, ask the general public.
  5. Brill wrote: Just print it to a PDF file first, then if you have problems, you can do it again. It's obvious that the point is to prevent people from printing out more than one tag, and cheating the system.
  6. John Spanjers wrote: Once I got my account set up no issues with the site or printing the tag.April 7th
  7. Allan Moyle wrote: I must be lucky. I purchased and successfully printed two turkey tags. Hopefully the problems encountered by others will be rectified.
  8. Dave Whitcroft wrote: My wife Maria and I share the same email address and have for many years. When I tried to buy a turkey licence this year on line, I used our email address like in previous years - just had to add a Password (new) to get logged in. Then when my wife tried to set up a log in under her Outdoors card number, the comments came back saying "email address already in use" so she is unable to purchase anything on line through the MNRF site! We aren't about to have 2 email addresses.
  9. Glen wrote: Still wish to support my local Archery Shop I purchased my Turkey , Deer , Bear and Coyote/Wolf licence and tags at the store ( Moose are still pending ?) . It helps with my peace of mind as I'm still relatively new to "The World of Computers " and I am not sure how secure my system is . As a warning to others do what you can to protect those licences and tags it's just plain paper , no water proofing or lamination . People don't like change but with proper feed back I'm sure we 'll get threw this and any issues will be worked out sooner then later . Good luck and play safe . Glen
  10. Tony Mous wrote: As i was trying to open the page to get my turkey tag i tired everything to open the page . So i called the ministry and was told to go on the Trillium emblem in the top left hand side of the page and i got the page to open .Not all persons are computer literate . I also found the payment page confusing as there are 4 card options on the right side of the page that have noting to do with the different pay options you have on the left .
  11. Rick wrote: Three of us sat down to our turkey licence on line .We all had to have separate e mail address pain in butt Two out of three work good third one tag did not print Had to go to a service Ontario but not all service Ontario sites can do hunting licence which is a bigger pain in butt drive for an hour to one that does hunting licence Seniors fine it real hard to use system tropical MNRF crap
  12. Kelly McGuire wrote: Experienced the exact same issue as Mr.Lockwood, while printing my son’s tag. Appeared for a split second then gone. What a pain, now we are left scrambling to “try” and get this tag before the season opens. Who has time for this kind of crap ? Very disappointed ! Mine printed fine, 1 hour prior to my son’s attempt, and yes we followed the exact directions for the process .
  13. Jeff wrote: I purchased my license online and immediately the Licence Summary said my Turkey Tag was printed. The system is flawed.
  14. Judy Munro wrote: Purchased mine Deer License at Canadian Tire Store in Kemptville Ontario. I was given a Receipt and Summary Only nothing else. I assumed because it was a new way of getting license that was all I needed and Canadian Tire knew what they were doing. I am now hearing that I should have gotten a tag as well. Is that right or do I get a tag when drawn for Antlerless Deer. Does anyone out there know for sure. I purchased a license for myself and husband and received same paperwork for both. Because the system was new to me I went to Canadian Tire so I did not screw something us myself but maybe that was not the smart thing to do after all. Judy
  15. C. Ysseldyk wrote: I recently harvested a turkey and did my due diligence to report it right away. I attempted to use the phone reporting service and was told that the WMU I had entered (89) was invalid. After two attempts with this number, the system apologized and asked me to try again when I had the information it requested. Then I was promptly disconnected. I headed to my computer in the hopes of reporting on-line. When asked to enter the date of my harvest, the system didn't recognize the year (2019) and instructed me to provide a date that fell between April 25, 2018 and May 31, 2018. I made the dreaded call to the Ministry of Natural Resources, where as feared, I sat on hold for 45 min. The agent I spoke to was very helpful and made note of the issues. We even attempted to report using another server, but with no success. End result - told to try again in 2-3 days.
  16. Todd Hennessy wrote: I had no issues setting up my account or with the first turkey tag, it printed fine. Today, after purchasing a second turkey tag, dice. I was going to get my deer and moose this week, now having second thoughts. Maybe Service Ontario would be a safer bet until all of the bugs are worked out of this new system.
  17. Charlie Smith wrote: I tired to buy my; bear, moose (and apply), deer (and apply) and wolf licence. Fortunate before I could get screwed out of the tags the idiot system for some reason decided not to accept my Visa payment. I went into the Espanola Ontario shop and the nice young woman there, told me to phone Visa and see if the payment came out - (the system said it had), but it hadn't so she sold me all my licences there and then! By the way, I hate these idiot paper tags, I guess we are expected to laminate them and attach them with wire or some such. You would think when they are charging us this kind of money they could supply a decent tag!
  18. JAMIE HUESTON wrote: The print at home turkey tags makes it far too easy for unscrupulous hunters to buy just one tag, photocopy it several times, then use the copied tag for the next bird. The MNR should bring back the peel and stick licenses for both turkeys and deer. Changing the design of the tags every couple of years is not fair to those hunters who try to follow the rules.
  19. Kurtis wrote: Purchased my bear tag Saturday, couldn't print the tag. Lines busy when calling. Received a no reply email with my summary and had to pay a replacement fee when at service Ontario together my tag. This system needs work.
  20. bob Dunn wrote: the new tag system is a joke having to carry a bunch of papers around compared to old water proof tag. I used to be able to purchase tags for people on line in our group that do not have internet or belong to any kind of social media now they have to service ontario to do purchases total inconvenience. Again new tag system a joke having to carry wad of papers around for tags and licenses
  21. Douglas C Palmer wrote: I applied on line for my moose license and draw , cannot print my license summary or receipt so that it is legible, tried it 3 times and now comes out blank. . I am not out of ink on. This system is terrible and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT DO i DO NOW !!! ????
  22. Doug Palmer wrote: Applied for my moose license and draw a day ago . hit the print for license summary , printed off half the info and mostly distorted at best . You can't print it twice. Trust the gov't to mess this stuff up. Never will go online again. Go to the Service Ont location or phone in. Not sure now what to do about my summary and receipt other than make calls to the ministry or Service Ont office > Any suggestions .
  23. John Scott wrote: License summary printed OK. Bear Tag did not. You would think that MNRF would iron out all the bugs before compelling hunters to print their own tags under penalty of law.. And get only one chance...even if MNRF screws up. And with all the new fines for errors, why should we not expect a perfect system from the government? Oh right, they are the government. What the heck was wrong with the old system and why was it changed? I better be able to get a bear tag (since I have paid for it already).
  24. Bill Collins wrote: I also was not able to print my hunting tag this morning. The screen just froze on the print option. Using iPhone 6 Plus.
  25. Shelley Maurice wrote: Applied for moose tag allocation draw 2019 in May and printed out my receipt. Checked my Account with MNR to see if I was successful today and had the message, "there are no draw results for this year". I am waiting to hear back from MNR as to how I was not showing as successful or not successful. I have heard of other hunters with the same issue. It would be great if the Ontario Out of Doors could find out how many hunters with proof of applying were "glitched" out of the draw this year!
  26. Tom Kennedy wrote: I applied for my moose licence April 18,2019, had a representative from MNR on the phone guiding me with the instructions from beginning to end , I have copies of receipts for moose licence summary, receipt of payment, step 7 e licence and receipt, moose draw entry, and after all that when I called for my results on August 7,2019 I got the following recording “no draw application for review”. I am now waiting for reply from the Ministry for this matter After all this they made sure they got my payment as it came off my mastercard
  27. Alfred G Ellis wrote: ha i tried to see if my tag from the draw is available Aug 12th it said still pending so now i have to phone the support line a stay on hold for no one knows how long ,i did things the way MNR what you to do now we wait its not fair they take or money set a standers but dont hold up there end of the whole thing ! with all the money from tags in Ontario they should have this problem fixed .! just my to cents !
  28. Lezlie Goodwin wrote: Alfred, I believe tags can be printed as of August 20, as per the regulations summary, pg. 5. To find out if you were successful in a draw, did you log into your online MNR account and look under the "View Draw Results" option? That's where I found my mine, though as mentioned they can't be printed till Tuesday, Aug. 20.