Waterfowl regulation changes in the works

by Steve Galea | September 9, 2019
waterfowlers heritage days

Waterfowlers can now comment on the first comprehensive set of proposed changes to the Migratory Bird Act since their inception in 1917. The regulatory impact analysis statement is now posted on the Canada Gazette and describes proposed changes such as:

• Broadening the definition of bait

• Clarifying the definition of hunt

• Allowing hunters to leave the head on unpreserved carcasses of ducks rather than the fully feathered wing for identification purposes

• Revised wording regarding retrieval requirements, including clearly expressing that hunters must have adequate means of retrieval at their disposal

• Including found birds in a daily bag limit

• Prohibition of abandonment of harvested migratory birds or allowing meat to spoil

• Permitting the use of crossbows for hunting migratory birds

• Updating the definition of non-toxic shot

• Prohibiting drones for the use of waterfowl hunting

• A new concept of possession limit, which states that once birds are preserved (frozen, cooked, dried, canned, smoked) they no longer apply to a hunter’s possession limit

For complete information on the proposed changes and how to provide comment, click here.

The comment period ends Sept. 30, 2019.

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  1. Matt wrote: The Ministry should allow a special spring season for geese in all WMUs, not just down south, and bring a sandhill crane hunt to Ontario. Also make the duck opener the same as goose opener across the board.
  2. Shaun Tapper wrote: I would like to see the early goose hunt continue from the first Thursday after labour day until the regular open season stars. I would like to see the spring goose hunt include all areas, not just areas that have on Sunday gun hunt.
  3. Tyson wrote: Would really like to see at least 1 maybe 2 days a week we can't hunt. Don't care if its a weekend or week day. There is way way to much hunting pressure on lake st. Clair. Canadian side. I am a guide at a hunting lodge 300 acre marsh. We hunt Tuesdays and friday afternoon only. We do our best to not give to marsh to much hunting pressure and protect our marsh to make sure we have a good hunt every time. The problem is our lake has a lot of guide on it every day and a ton of weekend worriers. And to many who sky bust at smart high birds. The birds need some rest. Social media is killing the sport people see all the ducks and now there are a lot more hunters then a few years ago. A lot are un educated on how to let birds commit snd decoy therefore shoot at s5uff to far and educate them. With all the hunt ckubs lake guides and weekend worriers the birds need a day or two of rest a week.
  4. Robert Stanley wrote: Add the mute swan And get the cormorants under control
  5. Paul Hendry wrote: Late goose season everywhere. Take the extra days off the end of the season where you have Sunday hunting. Bigger goose limits like the west. Strange we can still kill more ducks than geese in a day.