Lamprey control affected by COVID-19

by Jeff Helsdon | June 9, 2020
lamprey control affected

The Great Lakes lamprey control program could face a setback.

“We are currently looking at scenarios that depend upon when we are allowed to go back into the field,” Great Lakes Fishery Commission Communications Specialist Marc Gaden said at print press time in mid-April. 

Normally, late April and early May are the prime times to put lampricide in Great Lakes tributaries. 

Impact expected

“Certainly there are going to be some impacts from the delay because some streams needed to have been treated in the latter part of April due to permitting restrictions, flow requirements, etc. Once we know when we can begin the field season, we will be adaptive and adjust the treatment schedule to take advantage of best-case probabilities for maximizing treatment effectiveness.” 

One preliminary concept has been to extend the American treatment schedule into November. At press time, no final decision was made on that and the Canadian schedule was still being assessed.

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