Firearms e-petition sets record

by Editorial Staff | May 22, 2020
e-petition sets record bullet

The online petition against pending changes that could see bans of still-to-be-determined models of semi-automatic centrefire “assault rifles” closed in mid-February as the most signed e-petition in Canada ever.

Started by Alberta Conservative MP Glen Motz, e-2341 closed on Feb. 15 with 175,310 signatures.

Most support from Ontario

The national petition drew the most support from Ontario with 56,701 signatures. In addition, Motz’s office said there were another 45,000-plus signatures that weren’t confirmed — a second step in the e-petition process — and aren’t included in this total.

“I am happy to have helped a record number of Canadians sign this petition in opposition to the deeply flawed and misguided approach of the Liberals,” Motz said. “The fight is not over. I look forward to tabling this record-setting petition in the House, and pushing the Liberal government to deal with criminals and improve public safety.” 

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  1. David Schultz wrote: Need to stop targeting law abiding citizens. Focus on crime and criminals
  2. Hugh Coutts wrote: need to get rid of the fools who came up with this retarded law.
  3. Terrence Fader wrote: As a avid hunter and gun owner (im not a gun fanatic) and a veteran of Bosnia and Afghanistan. I am shocked that people are against this so called ban...I personally feel there is no place in Canada or the hunting community for pistols, semi or autos...just that may like to have them but your e-petition speaks volumes... 175,310 signatures, almost 5 million people in Canada voted Liberal...slightly more voted conservative (im a conservative). 5 million liberal voters = 175,310 petition signers... makes no difference... and now that this legislation will pass they will be coming for the hunter next.... the hunting community screwed up big time teaming up with the gun nuts.
  4. Georges Martin wrote: no such thing as an assault rifle
  5. Peter Molson wrote: A total disregard , a sham in government of Canadian law abiding firearms owners rights. Take them to court, Alberta did. Shame on bad action , shame on Liberals, vote them out, Conservatives in to abolish this mess . Firearms owners are not killers, do not respond to Bill Blair .
  6. Michael Currie wrote: I have a 22 cal. Semi-auto rifle specifically a Smith and Wesson M&P 15/22 which is now a prohibitrd firearm.. The rifle was listed as restricted but I don't know why....the only reason I can think of is that Smith and Wesson also makes a M & P 15 which is a .223/.556 semi auto rifle which was restricted and is now also prohibited. I'm not aware of any other .22 cal rifle which was listed in the FRT as restricted are you. Can anybody respond to me who also has this rifle.
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Michael, here's a more comprehensive breakdown story of the firearms ban: There are a few helpful links provided that may shed some light on your question.
  7. Ken wrote: The same people who say you cannot use the word "retarded" (#2) are the same ones calling for our society to be wrapped in bubble wrap and have ZERO weapons of any kind including those evil black assault style hunting rifles and shot guns.