More waterfowl changes

by Jeff Helsdon | May 22, 2020
More waterfowl changes as a duck hunter wades through water, gleefully, in camouflage.

Changes to migratory bird regulations will create more hunting opportunities in Ontario, if approved.

What’s proposed:

• Standardized possession limits to three times the daily bag limit for each species, when identified separately, or the aggregate, when species are combined. The limit for Barrow’s goldeneye, the only at-risk species with a hunting season, would stay at one bird as a possession limit 

• Harmonizing the open season dates for geese in Northern and Central Districts, for a Sept. 1 to Dec. 16 season. Currently, there are different season dates for various goose species 

• Harvesting of snow and Ross’ geese during the Canada goose season in late February, and early March for municipalities without Sunday hunting

• Spring conservation hunts for overabundant species on farmlands in WMUs 66, 67, and, 69B

• Increase the daily limit of Canada geese from two to three birds in WMU 94

• Decrease the limit of the Atlantic population of Canada geese from five birds to three in WMU 65 

In addition to:

These changes are in addition to earlier proposed changes set to come into force this fall, which include:

• Allowing the use of crossbows to harvest waterfowl

• Allowing a fully-feathered head or a wing for identification purposes of an unpreserved carcass

• Allowing migratory birds to be donated to food banks or charitable wild game dinners 

The proposals, released in December, are the second step in the regulation approval process. Feedback was taken until Feb. 16. Final regulations will be available in July. 

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