Fee freeze on hunting licences

by Emily Convery | January 10, 2019
hunting fee freeze

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski has announced that the government is stopping hunting licence fee increases for all Ontario residents for 2019.

The $2 hunting licence service fee will also be removed.

“We’re making it easier for Ontarians to enjoy the great outdoors by keeping hunting licences affordable,” said Minister Yakabuski.

“This year, there will be no price hike and no service fee.”

The announcement was made at the OFAH/Mario Cortellucci Hunting & Fishing Heritage Centre, owned and operated by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

This fee freeze follows a similar announcement made in December that affected fishing licence fees for Ontario residents.

Click here to learn more about fishing licence fee freeze.

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  1. John Hanson wrote: A baby step in the right direction this fee freeze. It would be nice to see the Moose draw axed in favour of one similar to Quebec’s Moose system. The deer season should be shortened back to Dec.15 close. Keep up the good work.
  2. Mike Drury wrote: At some point we hunters and fishermen need to realize the resource and it's protections don't exist by happenstance, but because we want the wildlife on the landscape. This takes money, and at some point if we want to continue our pursuits, were going to need to step up. fee freezes are great populist politics, but they do absolutely nothing for our fish, wildlife, and habitat. Obviously governments need to ensure these funds go to the same, rather than general coffers. if you want great fishing and hunting, we the public are going to need to ensure it is funded one way or another. Mike Drury, Alberta