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by Editorial Staff | July 10, 2020
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The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) and National Deer Alliance (NDA) will merge into a single deer conservation “super group,” the organizations announced on Tuesday, July 7.

The board of directors of each North American organization unanimously approved the unification in late June.

The venture will “combine the strengths, resources and core initiatives of QDMA and NDA into a single, modernized outfit able to serve deer, hunters and the industry more effectively at a time when the need is greatest,” officials stated.

Outdoor industries hit hard

The new group will be led by NDA president and CEO Nick Pinizzotto.

“While there’s no question the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many organizations hard, we are turning the tables by using the situation, combined with the many challenges deer and hunters are facing, as an opportunity to become laser focused on delivering a mission that serves deer, hunters and industry effectively and efficiently,” he stated.

An immediate strategic planning process will finalize the organization’s name and structure before the fall 2020 hunting season, with unification set to be completed by the end of the year, officials stated.

12 branches in Ontario

The Georgia-based QDMA formed the NDA to serve as the voice for deer hunters and guardian of wild deer. Its Canadian branches include 12 in Ontario that host activities such as educational seminars, kids’ days, and fundraisers.

Merging will end duplication of effort in many areas, allow for more efficient operations, and maximize effectiveness, officials stated.

The timing also couldn’t be better, NDA Board Chairman Sam Burgeson said.

“With the challenges facing deer, deer conservation, and the sport of deer hunting today, this merger provides exciting and unique opportunities to bring together our resources and strengthen our ability to carry out our mission. Our board has utmost confidence in Nick’s ability to lead us through this process and into the future.”

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