Get easy and delicious recipes for cooking wild game and fish from Ontario OUT of DOORS.

Bear sausage in puff pastry

by Andrew Rochon | May 20, 2021

These crispy little bites are addictive, and make a great pass-around snack at a dinner party or hunt camp.

Braised and fried turkey wings

by Andrew Rochon | April 29, 2021

Wild turkey wings can be quite tough, so it’s necessary to braise them low and slow to help make them more tender.

Pan-seared perch with green peas and mint

by Andrew Rochon | March 16, 2021

Although scaling perch can sometimes be a messy and daunting task, the result is a delicious, and crispy skin.

Butter and coconut milk poached burbot

by Andrew Rochon | February 23, 2021

Burbot is an awesome-tasting fish with a unique texture that works well with poaching served over a bed of coconut rice.

Braised rabbit

by Andrew Rochon | January 12, 2021

When waterfowl and deer season come to an end, I love to pursue wild rabbits in the snow. They are challenging to hunt and make a tasty stew.

The big game feast

by Gord Ellis | December 22, 2020

Columnist Gord Ellis shares his tradition of celebrating hunting and family with a meal dubbed "BeastFeast."

pan seared duck breast

Pan-seared mallard breast

by Andrew Rochon | November 5, 2020

A rustically seasoned, succulent duck breast served over a creamy squash puree is the perfect late fall, or winter meal.

campfire rack of lamb

Campfire rack of venison

by Andrew Rochon | October 6, 2020

This rustic way of cooking with a simple marinade of herbs and spices over campfire coals will give your venison an incredible flavour.

venison chilli

Venison chili and roasted corn

by Andrew Rochon | September 3, 2020

Nothing beats a good bowl of spicy, meat-filled chili before an evening sit in a tree stand. This recipe is a proven hunt-camp winner.