Wild Turkey

pressured turkeys

Are pressured turkeys smarter than others?

by Jeff Helsdon | May 16, 2018

Are pressured turkeys smarter than others? A study out of the University of Georgia determined that hunters have an effect on turkey behaviour.

turkey quiz 2017

Turkey Quiz 2017 – Are you ready for the hunt?

by Editorial Staff | April 24, 2017

Whether or not turkey season is around the corner it’s always a good time to brush up on your knowledge. So step up and let’s see how prepared you are for the coming season.

fall turkey

Trail cameras: key to fall turkey success

by Jeff Helsdon | October 11, 2016

Hunting turkeys in the fall is a different game… Trail cameras can be part of the solution…

late season turkey

Top three calls for late-spring toms

by Andrew Rochon | May 20, 2016

We were set up by 5:05 a.m. Brandon barely finished his first strike on the slate call when the tom sounded off, loudly, not even 60-yards away.

County Outfitters

In search of birds

by Jeff Helsdon | May 10, 2016

Frank Dunlop of County Outfitters has five turkeys in the OFAH Wild Turkey Registry. I hope to tap into his expertise and harvest a real limb hanger…

Tree stand turkey hunting

Make like a tree

by Mike Miller | April 21, 2016

Finding yourself a nice comfy spot at the base of a tree is one way to hunt for turkeys. This year I’ve decided to mix it up and perch myself in a tree.

Turkey Tips

Tom Foolery: Three Turkey Tips From a Pro

by Scott McGuigan | April 11, 2016

Turkey hunting can seem like a tiring battle of wits between man and Thanksgiving dinner — over the years, however, I’ve learned a few tricks to help coax that gobbler

turkey follow

Tips for hunting a late spring

by Scott McGuigan | May 4, 2015

What to expect in the turkey woods when winter’s barely left

Spring turkey hunt

What to consider when taking a jake

by Marty Roberts | March 27, 2015

It’s nice to have options when you’re on the hunt