Braised and fried turkey wings

by Andrew Rochon | April 29, 2021
Six wild turkey wings glazed in honey hot sauce

Wild turkey wings can be quite tough, so it’s necessary to braise them low and slow to help make them more tender. A quick deep fry will get the outside nice and crispy!

Since each hunter is only allowed a maximum possession limit of three birds (see below), feel free to bulk up your batch with domestic turkey wings to feed the crew.


Makes six wings

• 4 cups chicken stock
• 6 turkey wings, feathers removed, skin on

For honey hot sauce

• ¼ cup BBQ sauce
• ¼ cup Frank’s RedHot sauce
• ¼ cup honey


  1. Place turkey wings in slow cooker and cover with chicken stock
  2. Cook on high for 4 hours
  3. Heat fryer oil to 365˚F
  4. Fry turkey wings until golden and crispy
  5. For honey hot sauce, mix all ingredients in a bowl
  6. Brush sauce all over wings or toss wings in the bowl for extra saucy ones

Why six wings?

As the law now stands, it is prohibited to possess more than two turkeys (any parts of their carcasses) from the spring hunt and more than one turkey from the fall hunt, so the maximum number of turkey wings any one person could have from hunted turkeys would be six.

David Critchlow, MNRF

Andrew Rochon

Andrew Rochon is OOD’s food editor. You can follow more of his culinary adventures on Instagram: @wilderness_chef

Originally published in the May 2020 edition of Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine.

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